222nd Post! AMA Away!

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  1. 222th post for me, and 60 likes! So, Bombs Questions away! Ask me anything you want, just try not to get too personal, or I won't answer it :).
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  2. Do you think you could post as much as me?
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  3. Translation: Do you think you could spam as much as me?
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  4. Well, I'll check how many posts you have!
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  5. Feel free ;)
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  6. Favorite world?
    Passive animal?
    Golem/spawned creature?
    Hostile mob?
    Enchantment on... sword?
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  7. Holey... 4.8k posts...
  8. My favorite world is my Cozy Cottage world on singleplayer.
    My favorite biome is the Taiga biome.
    My favorite Passive animal is... pigs.
    My favorite spawned creature is the Wither Boss.
    My favorite Hostile Mob is the Creeper (You can make creeper bombs!)
    My favorite enchantment on the sword is sharpness.
    My favorite enchantment on a pick would be a tie between unbreaking, fortune, and efficiency.
    My favorite enchantment on armor is protection.
  9. Do you like pizza? Have you ever owned a dog? Have you ever owned a cat? What is your favorite food? What is your favorite food in Minecraft? Desktop or laptop? Favorite block? Least favorite block? Favorite item? Least favorite item? How many beacons do you have? Do you have an alternate account? How many rupees do you have? Do you like to go on enchanting sprees? Do you like tomatoes? Favorite type of cookie? Favorite breakfast cereal? What is your favorite state? Why? Your favorite subject in school? Do you like marshmallows? Have you gone camping? Are you tired of answering all of these questions? Favorite kind of pop? Favorite Youtuber? How big is your house? How many neighbors do you have? How many dogs do your neighbors have? How many cats do your neighbors have? What is your home smp? Why? Do you like to eat sunflower seeds? Do you like beef jerky? How much texp do you have? How much did your computer cost? Did you have fun answering all of these questions?
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  10. I like pizza. I have never owned a dog. I have never owned a cat. My favorite food is Chicken. My favorite food in Minecraft is Cooked Chicken. I have a laptop. My favorite block is the Diamond Block. My Least favorite block is the Bedrock Block. My favorite item is the Enchanted Diamond Sword. My Least Favorite Item is a Wooden Pickaxe. I have 2 beacons. I do not have an alternate account. I have around 7k rupees. I SOMETIMES like to go on enchanting sprees. I do like tomatoes. My favorite type of cookie is chocolate chip. My favorite breakfast cereal is Fruit Loops (Ikr). My favorite state is Colorado because I live in it, and I like the wide openness and exposure to nature. My favorite subject in school is Science. I do like marshmallows. I have never gone camping. I am indeed tired of answering these questions. My favorite kind of soda is Coke. My favorite Youtuber is Paulsoaresjr. My house is around 4-5000 sq. ft. I have 2 next-door neighbors. One of them has a cat, one has a dog. My home SMP is SMP9, because it was the first SMP I saw on the list, and I thought that a more crowded server might have more opportunities. I do not like to eat Sunflower Seeds. Due to religion, I am not allowed to eat beef. I have 5,455 Lifetime TEXP. My computer cost around $1,500. I had a lot of fun answering these questions.
  11. Are you a fan of Paulsoaresjr?

    What's your fav feature added to this game?
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  12. I am a fan of Paulsoaresjr. My favorite feature would be a tie between the Enderdragon, Beacons, and Fireworks.
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  14. Do you want me to ask you a question?

    *Question asked*
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