2021 Re-revamped promo price thread!

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  1. Maybe 20-30% lower than unused
  2. ok, thanks!
  3. It's like a car... value goes down 30% as soon as it leaves the lot
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  4. How can you tell if a turkey slicers is from 2013?
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  5. It has the year 2013 in the turkey slicer lore... there's a really good chance its just going to be the annual one if you have to ask :)
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  6. Welcome to 2021!
    Added Holly Jolly/Snowball Fight!

    updated prices on witch gems, hot hats, pocket watch, explosive arrows....etc
  7. Bought a holly jolly & snowball fight together for 38K just fyi
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  8. I do think that the EMC Birthday used horses will see a great increase in value as they are no longer possible to get. There are now 2 versions of each used horse, one with all upper case color letters and one with lower case color letters. The all upper case color will take the current used version price and the lower case is impossible to get now so that should have a value around that of a nonspawned...just a heads up
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  9. i am not sure about that... perhaps over the next few years, yes a slight increase in value, if the promo market increases, but currently there are a lot of people selling and not too many people buying. Used promos (especially older and more expensive used promos) will not end up increasing as much as more obtainable (cheaper) promos are being sought out by the larger, less wealthy promo collecting population.
  10. Firey food should definitely be a lot cheaper on this thread- you can make 8 firey food with the 8 of the original & 1 spark.
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  11. Agreed, set at 100r / piece for now. Also updated haunted Candy to 20r each (based on buyers offers)
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  12. Just wanted to say thank you for the hard work on this thread!
  13. Hey, I just noticed fragile elytra. Probably needs to be lowered to about 1000r?
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  14. Seems about right

    Edit. Also updated Steel and some other v2 items
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  15. At the same time, I've killed 25 enraged shulkers today and gotten zero fragile elytra. Level 4 gem on head. Interesting
  16. what diff?
  17. I've been doing diff 5, but I don't know if 7 would be better.
  18. It 100% will give you a better chance at a drop. I normally walk around on diff 10 when I’m really after some type of drop. And bosses are always killed on 10
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  19. I know what you mean. I usually do that with bosses, but some things don't drop any better at higher levels, I wasn't convinced with enraged shulkers. I'll give it another try.
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  20. Even basic vanilla mobs drop more on diff 10. For example killing a spider on diff 10 will drop a lot more string and very high chance of head
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