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    hi there, i'm ark.

    So for Christmas this year, since I don't have the time to make an advent calendar build, i decided to build 12 one-chunk builds for the 12 days of christmas. I wasn't exactly sure whether to call this an "event" or not, since....eh, because..well it's like... uh... yeah.

    That's where you come in. One week from now, on the 23rd of December, I will pick 12 ideas from the comments below to build in a creative world, posting the results here. It's an opportunity for you all to torture me have fun with your submissions, and it fills my building portfolio for build team. win win :)

    I may also build these on the server, depending on how much materials // time i will have. Depending on the date, i may also livestream my creation of these (please follow me,i hit 200 followers recently)
    since i'm gaming for views 3 times a week already.

    If anyone would like to join in on the fun, I'll post a world download of my building templates when guessing closes. You don't have to follow the ideas i'm choosing here, but it'd be fun to do it together.

    -For every build chosen, the suggester will receive 2,000r along with the final photo of their build when that's completed.

    -Must be winter themed, EXCEPT: I WILL choose one or two "summer-y" idea(s) since it's hot for the southern hemisphere this time of year.
    -You can submit a maximum of 3 ideas, but if we get enough submissions I will try to pick ideas from as many different people as possible.
    once again, the deadline for ideas is DECEMBER 23RD AT 11:59PM.

    i will also be posting the world template download then.

    Want to join my Craftmas giveaway? click here.

    happy holidays and start posting!
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  2. Sounds like fun! What if you built a beach ball with a santa hat?
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  3. Very Cool! (pun intended)

    I shall submit from one of my favourite songs, how about

    Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire!
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  4. Snow globe!
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  5. do your favourite event on emc but christmasy
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  6. A waffle with confectioners sugar snow on it.
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  7. chipmunk with antlers and a pickaxe?
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  8. Sounds like a new Horror Flick...

    "Nightmare on Miracle Street"
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  9. Santa on a pirate ship
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  10. You mean Skele Klaus?
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  11. A snowy cave of treasure.
    Snowballs launched at you near corners, glowing eyes up ahead, heads left in the snow.
    And just as the treasure comes into sight.... (this happens)

  12. I also will say 3 Screaming Ghasts 2 Sneaky Creepers
  13. On the twelfth day of Christmas, EMC gave to me:
    12 skeletons shooting
    11 honeybees buzzing
    10 dolphins swimming
    9 zombies burning
    8 villagers trading
    7 blazes blazing
    6 phantoms flying
    5 PANDA BEARS...
    4 endermen
    3 screaming ghasts
    2 sneaky creepers
    And a Marlix comes to ruin your day!
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  14. bump!

    reminder for anyone who has not submitted an idea, submissions close TOMORROW!

    i like this text color, i may have to use it after these events end...
  16. Ack, i fell asleep super early yesterday x.x

    here are the submissions! first build will be out tomorrow, i hope.

    1. Chestnuts on an Open Fire - Raaynn
    2. Snow Globe - MerRhyAndBright
    3. Christmas Firefloor -Kaddrii
    4. Waffle w/ snow on it - wafflecoffee
    5. (summer themed build for those in the southern hemisphere) Beach Ball w/ Santa hat - skiddylicense04
    6. Chipmunk w/ antlers and pickaxe - jewel_king

    man, you guys are really going to test my abilities, eh?

    7. Santa on a Pirate Ship - SkeleTin007
    8. Snowy Cave w/ treasure - KatydidBuild

    I don't think i have enough room for "glowing eyes" but i will try to put some traps in :)

    9. Screaming Ghasts + 2 Creepers - SkeleTin007

    well, alright then...

    10. Presents - ArkonXT
    11. Snow Day - ArkonXT
    12. Santa's Sleigh - ArkonXT

    These slots were unfortunately not filled. maybe next year ;)
    All rupees will be sent very soon, after I do the drawing for my AMA giveaway.

  17. Was my song not a suggestion? :mad: lol, jk. Thanks for hosting :) Merry Christmas!
  18. if it was, i'm not sure i could fit that into a 16x16x16 area lmao.
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  19. First build will be going up late tonight, having a very busy Christmas day :)
  20. sorry i'm behind! Having much busier holidays than expected. I should be caught up by the weekend.

    *is still up at midnight*