[ 2018 ] ART COMMISSIONS [ open ]

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Have you been a commissioner on my old thread?

Heck ya man! 15 vote(s) 37.5%
na mate, been busy gettin rich 25 vote(s) 62.5%
  1. O...Oh
    (you say "2 of my legs are missing" like you have more than 2 legs...)
  2. You don't have more than two legs?
  3. first of all, sorry i haven't posted any finished commissions, i have been working on them, but iv been severely depressed lately.

    i don't want to go into detail since that isn't what you guys are here for lol, but my parents currently got divorced a week ago, which was the reason my older sister both ran off and tried to khs, so its been a little rocky lately, again im sorry all my stupid family issues get in the way, but i hope it will die down now that the main source of the issue has parted.
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  4. I will know what you're going through, as my guardians are getting a divorce as well. I'm trying to take my mind off of it with learning. Right now I'm depressed because I failed my A+ certification exam. Just focus on something else, trust me, it helps. 😿
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  5. This.
    I might be able to draw something like this.
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  6. You've drawn our profile pictures. Those were quite good.
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  7. idk man, took me 2 months to make the linework perfect and the chrisp shading, pretty detailed peice hmm
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  8. alright first of all thank you all for being so patient <3 secondly, i guess wanted to keep you guys up to date, either 2 or 3 weeks ago my tablet pen wouldn't work in my art program, but it would on chrome etc, i just thought it was a one time thing, so i just waited it out, last week i had to work on school stuff since at the time im writing this, i only have 3 days left of school, so i couldn't spend time to draw, but now that im almost free, i wanted to get back to work again since its been so long, but as you can guess, it still doesnt work, i texted my sister and she told me she had the same issue, and according to her, the tablet wont work on the version of my art program i have, as i have an older one and she has the newest one. idk why or how it affects the tablet model tbh but i mean, whatever, i have today off since i have no exams on tuesday, but my sister does, once she gets back from school she will help me download the latest version, and i know like hell once it starts working on doin the commission :'O
  9. Give your sister a cookie on my behalf for being helpful
  10. of course lmao
  11. alright so quick update, i got my tablet to work on the program, had to go into the file and edit some numbers, only issue now is its pressure sensitivity, and smoothness, the pressure sensitivity is when you press lightly, basicly just like irl, both these are needed, here is an example i just did on how woggly and uneasy it looks

    you may have to zoom in to see what i mean by woggly

    any ways im currently trying my best to work it out, im usless without it, if its been 2 days and i still can find a way ill just force myself to try and finish some commissions without it
  13. \o/✧*:・゚
  14. ifghsohfsha
    feels so nice drawing again omfg

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  15. I am thinking of another commission but I am not sure... Things need to happen in succession in order for this commission to happen.
  16. did i forget to mention i was at my dads place for the weekend? knowing me i prob did, any ways finishing up current commission lmao
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  17. (cough) so i found out i ended up skiping SkeleTin007 as i was skimming through the comments and relized i never drew his commission >:I

    so any ways, rlly sorry XDD here u go:

  18. :D Yeee!!! I am in love with it more than I thought I would lol :p

    P.S. Paid ;)
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  19. front page has been edited, after like 20 mins not realizing there was an edit button.
    looks more professional now lmao