[ 2018 ] ART COMMISSIONS [ open ]

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Have you been a commissioner on my old thread?

Heck ya man! 13 vote(s) 48.1%
na mate, been busy gettin rich 14 vote(s) 51.9%
  1. O...Oh
    (you say "2 of my legs are missing" like you have more than 2 legs...)
  2. You don't have more than two legs?
  3. first of all, sorry i haven't posted any finished commissions, i have been working on them, but iv been severely depressed lately.

    i don't want to go into detail since that isn't what you guys are here for lol, but my parents currently got divorced a week ago, which was the reason my older sister both ran off and tried to khs, so its been a little rocky lately, again im sorry all my stupid family issues get in the way, but i hope it will die down now that the main source of the issue has parted.
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  4. I will know what you're going through, as my guardians are getting a divorce as well. I'm trying to take my mind off of it with learning. Right now I'm depressed because I failed my A+ certification exam. Just focus on something else, trust me, it helps. 😿
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  5. This.
    I might be able to draw something like this.
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  6. You've drawn our profile pictures. Those were quite good.
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  7. idk man, took me 2 months to make the linework perfect and the chrisp shading, pretty detailed peice hmm
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