2016 Build Competition

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  1. Hey guys! I want to see some of your amazing creations, so I am hosting a build comp. he theme is medieval, you can make anything from viking ships to medieval houses. The rewards:
    1. Independance day sword
    2. Empire fireworks
    3. Pikachu shield
    Post a vid/pic of your build in the comments and do NOT cheat or else you will be banned from all build comps coming up that are by me, and you will not get your reward. You will have to have the builds on your residence to prevent any cheaters from taking a random pic/vid and posting it. The winners will be announced 7/23/16. :D
  2. I would have gone and entered one of my current builds, but I dont like Medieval builds... Sadly
  3. The only medieval build I have done is my blacksmith house and that is on my 3rd res so I don't make many of them so count that as my submission. Here is the link for pictures http://imgur.com/a/rtPkh
  4. It's okay I'll look at it anyway
  5. I looked at it and I like it, it could win :)
  6. medieval laughing cat! After all I said you could build anything medieval! well this isn't really medieval but who cares
  7. a LITTLE off topic there :)
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  9. The build comp. has been canceled, sorry. :(