2015 Haunted House

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Pinkqueein95 here aka tomijo95

    Like last year I made a haunted house. I decided this year I expand my haunted house. So this year I made a 4 level haunted house if you can find the bottom level to work your way to the top. This year I felt though it wasn't as good as last years but I did try. Its still in the works as I go along and think of things to add. If you have ideas it would be great to hear from you guys other wise if you go to /v pinkqueen95 and on my first res you will find in the middle of my res a trap door that goes down to my haunted house. Down below are pictures of my haunted house and what to look for.

    I hope you all will at least find this somewhat very enjoyable.

    Thank You

  2. Cool beans
  3. Nice, I'll check it out sometime
  4. Where's tomi
  5. Already completed it it was so fun hope everyone checks it out
  6. bump. Happy Halloween!!!
  7. Tomijo!!!
    I'll check out ya house asap :D
    Stay kewl in the meantime
  8. If I get into that house my reaction will be a little bit like this:
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  9. I hope all who seen it so far enjoyed it, I really tried this year with expanding it and the different levels. It was really hard to try and fill it all up but I tried. Any who I hope you all enjoyed.

    Peace & Love
  10. Hey 7!!! How are you?
  11. I'm excellent. And if my router were also excellent, I would be able to see your haunted house.
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  12. just a heads up to anyone who has not done it yet, its scary and so so dark!

    really good job Tomi!
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  13. Bump: Go check it it out :D