2012. 'nuff said.

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  1. Of COURSE gangdom style is in there :p
  2. Caman lady :D
  3. If you can get that many girls after just because you sell £1 fish, I will sell £1 fish when i'm older.
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  4. daat 1pound fish song!
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  5. Didn't even have to watch to know what this was about. ;)
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  6. Not for younger viewers.
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  7. Seen this at the end of 2011 xD (Except it was the 2011 version..)
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  8. I get annoyed with the YouTube comments saying:
    'like if your watching in 2012/2013!'

    So I comment:
    'No! Im watching from 200 BC, on my iStone'
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  9. You're about as annoying and unoriginal as them then :p
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  10. Maybe >.<

    And I like YouTube :)

    But I dont like Gangman style or £1 fish song. But I like the YouTube rewind video :)

  11. I miss 2012 already. It had been a great year and my 2013 has started pretty crappily.
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  12. It's only been 2 days lol.
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  13. Meh. I've probably got tonsillitis. I have most of the symptoms.
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  14. I dont have my tonsillitis anymore :) And I think I have food poising :( Stupid Spaghetti you dont want to know what happened when I got home after eating it
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  15. O_O I SAW YOU!!! :eek:
  16. I thought I saw someone else! Lets meet sometime! His mirror? I'll invite Rainbow
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  17. What happened? xD

    I saw Julia Gillard!
  18. It's on there, because I suggested it. :D Click the link I posted.
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