200 Subs! :D

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  1. So first I have the face reveal
    E: Sorry that the face reveal is not 100% relevent to Emc. Its not advertising, so it should be fine.

    Then the speed mine and story! Enjoy
  2. What is this?
  3. I have never talked to you before or even heard of you so when you showed up with a wig on I thought "This is one damn ugly woman." Now that I know you are a guy you aren't ugly! :D
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  4. Hahaha. Its really fun tricking people. Almost every comment on other forums was people saying "Whats wrong with your... Oh wait. Its a wig. Lol"
  5. Anyway, Congratz!
  6. Minecraft seems an easy way to get views and subs,but my computer can't handle it ;-;
  7. Well, I like doing to so I guess that it isn't too easy. One of my videos got ~5000 views because of googles algorithms lol.
  8. Mostly mainstream games get tons of views,but it can be difficult to get noticed, I signed up with Freedom to get to noticed, got me 7 subs...
  9. Thats why I am un-sponsored! :D
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  10. I got one subscriber once...
    It didn't last long.
  11. I have like 50 :p
    But I seriously thought that was your hair and I was like "Wutt, he looks.. peculiar.."
  12. Haha. The hair is really fun to mess with. Everyone thinks it looks real.
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