200 Days!!! AMA and Story!

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Are you my friend?

Ermahgerd yussss 5 vote(s) 45.5%
No. 1 vote(s) 9.1%
Eh somewhat 4 vote(s) 36.4%
Not even for a dollar 1 vote(s) 9.1%
  1. Hello EMC! So I am finally coming upon my 200th day! Now I am working on a huge project so I can't do a giveaway, but please feel free to ask me anything below about me! :D I am happy to answer...So instead of a giveaway I will do a story of my EMC life from beginning to end. Here goes:

    Teh Story:
    So it all started out with me searching around on google for a good vanilla minecraft server...all of them sucked and the I found this one and thought it would suck as well, but I applied and joined anyways. I got through the tutorial and was welcome greatly by smp8. I got my humble little res and took it like survival, I built a survival base literally and then bought everything from /shop. Later on I decided smp8 was a bit to inactive so I moved to smp9 and had a great time with some good friends (I will put them below) But smp9 was to crowded for me...I decided to go onto smp7 and see what it was like there, I met deathconn for the first time and he pursuaded me to move to smp7 and I used his res to transfer items for about 3 hrs. It was so worth it :p I love smp7 and I have made tons of friends and have had so much fun and I still am having fun...some of my friends and I have even gone far enough to skyping and soon recording a lets play with all of us :D. This has been an awesome journey so far and thanks to all who have helped it be that way!

    Some good friends:
    Le brick del strike

    If I forgot you I am really sorry, considering there are so many to name :p Thanks everyone! Ask me anything below :)
  2. lol not even for a dollar, maybe 2 dollar :p koo story. Whats your favorite color?
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  3. well a dollar is pretty huge... Green is ma favorite :)
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  4. AT the top of the list :D. Glad to have you here, potato pal. You should have had the option "What about for a klondike bar" in the list. How did you get your name?
  5. Haha a long story...i was about 11 when i got my xbox live and my friend was helping me find names and he said something with food so we thought of flamingtomato and then i said why not potato? And flamingpotato was born xD so if you want to send me a request on xbox its flamingpotato42...but ma live ran out so i will renew it after xmas :p
  6. what a great friend :p Can't even spell their username correctly ;)
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  7. Yus I mad da lizt. Look liek above dat thing an Der u go. Did u fin it?
  8. But i did...i promise.
  9. I did in fac fin et. Es butiful
  10. Do you like cheese?
  11. k. For a dollar I would want to be your friend. Origami, want to split?
  12. Oh gawsh no
  13. Yuss
  14. Thanks for putting me on the list!
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