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  1. Today, my mom ran her longest distance she has ever ran. She woke up at 5 am, took a shower, warmed up and started running at 6:30 am. She finished her running session at 11:30 am. 5 FREAKING HOURS. My Grandama and Grandpa gave her water at 9:30. Im sad I didn't ride my bike with her, I was too busy sleeping.

    Her first Marathon will be sometime next month in Savannah, Georgia. Im so proud of her, I dont know anybody else that has ran as much as she has.

    She has been running for about 15 months and runs 3 times EVERY week. She is just basically my idol.
  2. DAMN that's awesome
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  3. Exactly.
  4. I'll never understand how people can run that long, I can't run for 5 minutes without getting tired. Anything over 400M probably isn't suited to me.
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  5. I can run long distances, like 5k races, 10k races. I can speed run on 1 mile "Fun runs"
  6. I'd call your "Fun Runs" proof that gym can suck the fun out of anything.
  7. I'm more of a vertical 'runner' than this horizontal rubbish :p
  8. What is your fastest mile? Mine is 6:34
  9. Rawr! 6:46!
  10. I know this 7th grader that runs a 5:35 :0

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  11. My best friend at school, his 100m is 10 flat.
  12. I am run about 500 miles on Minecraft :)
  13. I know a 7th grade runs 5: 47 :O
  14. I meant my mile time is 6 minutes flat. Durfsch. My 100M at the end (my "kick" is about 12 flat.) there is a 7th grader at my old middle school that runs 5:06 average. 4:52 is his best.
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  15. You have some FAST kids at our school.
  16. Yupper! The fast miler at my high school (junior) ran a 4:10-4:20 something something. Fastest 100m was like 8.5 I think
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  17. I'm going to have to call B.S. on the 100m. From Wikipedia The record now is 9.58 seconds which was run by Usain Bolt.
  18. I swear im not lying about this kid in 8th grade with a 100m of 10 flat.
  19. That I can believe, but 8.5?