2 years of collecting.. o3o

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  1. I know, I know this collection is [Cannot find suitable replacement word, as I can be banned for using synonyms of supposed curse words, effectively destroying my Battlestar Galactica RP in Mycelium Heights] compared to some the other collections, as I have never been about to do Mob Arena here because it gives my computer an aneurysm, nor was I ever able to obtain the dragonegg I sought after for 9 months although I did once receive a lump of coal from one of aikar's drop partys that was renamed dragonegg which I eventually smelted out of spite.. And I am also currently storing my head collection in my vault as well.. And just so anyone who is curious, nothing in my vault is for sale.. o3o ..Any requests for items in said vault shall be met with Consuela memes.. And yes, that ore buster is damaged, as well as my starter sword being missing.. There was a lava accident with the sword and I used to use the ore buster for diamond/emerald mining. Not in the vault currently as well are my Valens and Rudolph.. o3o
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  3. I will buy it all for 3.14r.
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