2 year party! ama, drop party, and story!

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  1. I have been on EMC for a little over two years now and am planning on hosting a HUGE drop party. I also will use this thread as an ama and a place to formally introduce myself.

    Formal introduction (because you want to here about this more than a drop party ;)):
    I have been on the Empire for over 2 years now (shocker!) but it wasn't my first server. I originally played on a server called Ravklok. It doesn't exist anymore so I am not advertising. It was fantastic but after 1.7 beta everything fell apart and it was abandoned by the owners. I had discovered it on an ad on a server site so I began looking at ads for a new server. EMC was running an ad campaign at the time and I joined. It was amazing. You may have never heard of me until recently (or now) because I never interacted with the EMC community much. Within the last 6 months I began posting on the site and have received well known member status. I joined when there was only smp1 and haven't left it. I still have my residence there. I tried to host a redstone expo but that kind of fell apart when no one came to build. I will try to create a second one so be looking for that. I am also making a book store. One thing I haven't mentioned before is I plan on making a new shop database and possibly and app for EMC. IRL I am a freshman is High School taking all honor classes. I am also a part of one of the best marching bands in the country. This has been taking a a ton of time but marching band is over so expect me on EMC a bit more.

    Hopefully those will be one of EMC's biggest drop parties ever. I will be dropping EVERYTHING I have including lots of rare items. I am not that rich so I will still need donations. Ruppees are fantastic and items are good to. If you have items to give then just post here and I will set up a chest for you to put them in. This drop party will also be much more labor intesive for the players. It is kind of like a game show. I will read a question with 4 options. There will be 4 chambers corresponding to the options. After 10 seconds of reading the question I will close the chamber doors and the correct one will begin dropping items. It will drop and the doors will open back up for another question. The questions will be anything. One may be about world history, the next about math, and the next about star wars. Anything can be asked.

    Thanks for reading!
  2. sounds cool... 1st
  3. I will be there my good friend. I know jkrmnj a bit in IRL and I am really good friends with his brother. A while ago i was planning a mall with him but we decided to kill it so i could focus on my charitable ventures. I remember that we wanted to have a bookstore. Good luck with it. Congrats on 2 years!
  4. Wow such a unique idea ;D kudos
  5. This drop party...
  6. I look forward to the party, and I'd like to know when it will be ASAP (hopefully I will have enough time to brush up on Star Wars first).
  7. Wow and congrats :) What kind of app are you talking about?
  8. Fun fact about his name: It is supposed to be joker man. He got it in some sort of literary practice in school.
  9. Android. I have gone through a lot of the java tutorial. Apple is out of the question because of costs and such. It will most likely be for 4.0+ devices. Gingerbread super coming later maybe. I know HTML and have an idea on using the sites HTML to find and display threads and posts.
    A many years ago I had to choose am adjective that started with a because my name starts with a j. Jokerman d all I could think of at the time. Pokemon wouldn't let me for it so I the vowels and added a j at the end.

    The party will be over Thanksgiving break hopefully. An exact time hasn't been chosen yet but expect it then.

    Edit: I am typing this on a phone so expect spelling errors. When I get on my computer I will fix them.
  10. To make this truly great I will need donations. Rupees and items are good. If you want to donate items then post it here. I will set up a chest for you.
  11. 1. When is this?
    2. What kind of donations would you like? Pm me :D

    3. This sounds amazing!
  12. Nice, and nice, and nice, and 100.000 more nices. :D
  13. 1. In about 2 weeks
    2. Donations for drops. Sending you a pm soon
    3. thanks
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  14. jkrmnj i could donate 3 stacks of redstone blocks and 2 stacks of coal blocks.

    congratz on youre 2 year :D (i am close to that mark) :p