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Yes as a buyer 20 vote(s) 95.2%
Yes as an author 7 vote(s) 33.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Welcome to my updated book store. The store is on smp1 at /v jkrmnj. I will write original stories and let others get there books published into it. This is a heavily edited old thread, but I just now have a store.

    Currently selling:

    Aschar's quest: 200r
    A series about a reluctant hero, Aschar, who is forced into a world of danger that he has never ever seen before. Aschar, through a mysterious letter and circumstances out of his control, gains the ability to read ancient language and is the only one who can save the people from a death by their worst nightmares.
    Reviews: "Wow I loved it. I can't wait for book two. It was a very thrilling and captivating story."

    Prices depend on the size of the book and the seller.

    Why would I want you to sell my book?
    By having me take care of selling your book, I can take care of all logistical things. This ensures that you can focus on writing and not have to worry about maintaining a shop. You just write and money will begin coming in. Authors will make rupees for each book that is sold. You don't even need to write the story in minecraft. A document can also be sent to me.

    Send me a pm with:
    1. title of your books
    2. A short description that can fit on a sign (I will make one up if it doesn't)
    3. The story
    4. Is this a series? If yes then we will talk about that.
    5. Any special things (Can I not make copies, do you not want to be paid, etc.)
    6. The price you would like the book to sell. If you are not providing books, I will add a small additional cost to cover the production.
    7. Include this "I give jkrmnj permission to sell my book under the condition that I (the author) am paid for each book that is sold."

    I hope to see you as a customer or author soon.
    Progress: Open for business
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  2. Good luck. Eldoro something is trying this. Hope it goes well and you better have a good cafe. I cannot read without an expresso.
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  3. Cool. A cafe sounds nice. A local area to read and buy some cheap food.
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  4. Where is this. I want to go to it. I've seen about 2 book stores in my life on EMC, and they were all successes. I guarantee I will buy a minimum one book from you.

    EDIT: If the bookstore is even open. I can maybe make a book and get it in to you if you either pm me the res # and server, or reply on this post. Thanks, looking forward to seeing your bookstore!
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  5. That would be awesome. It's just like the Barnes and Noble I live near. Bookstore and cafe combined.
  6. It currently isn't built yet but I am trying to get a plot on the playershops thing. If that doesn't work then it will be on my plot on smp1.

    Hopefully mine doesn't end up like Barnes and Noble is now :p
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  7. haha I just added an edit on my previous post, hope you get a plot on the playershops!
  8. I like this idea!
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  9. The book store will be open soon. If you have a book idea or a book already then pm me with it. I believe the instructions for doing so are in the main post.
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  10. I have received one book already. The next two people who send something to me get in the featured section one week free.
  11. I have just received confirmation from bonzd that I will be able to build the library there. Construction will hopefully take no more then a week or two. Please send in book ideas!
  12. Cool idea i leek forward to this :)
    If you need help with the building feel free to ask ;)
  13. I don't need any help building right now but thanks fort eh offer.
  14. What's the status on this? I stopped by your res today but there wasn't much there, although there was stained glass so obviously you've been doing some building recently. Did this happen somewhere else, or is it still in planning?
  15. The plan was to build it on the PlayerShop res bonzd was building but I think that died. The thing on my res is another project. I may be able to incorporate this into the other project though.
  16. Lol, when I pulled up this post there was a banner add saying "We buy your used books." Way to target advertise.

    Anyhow, good to hear the project may have some life left in it. If anyone knows of other libraries let me know. The only serious one I've found so far is the Tiger's Text locations.
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  17. The bookstore is (finally) complete. I edited the main post for the updated store. Please don't complain about this bump. It is my own thread for this project.
  18. I am proud to announce that Hashhog's "the inkstain" is now sold at the shop. Remember, smp1 at /v jkrmnj