#2 Questions - How to check how many animals on your property - How many days offline before res

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  1. I has 2 questions, I want to know if there is a command to check how many animals are on your residence so I can put an even amount of animals in each pen. Also, how many days can you be offline before you lose your residence? Thank you, I hope you guys can help me, I'm kinda new ;3
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  3. You ca do /p (playernamehere) for the Derelict res loss and other cool info!
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  4. Be aware that if you are a supporter, you will not go derelict.
    Also there is the new derelict protection vouchers!

    The free ways to not go derelict are
    1) log into EMC with minecraft or a program like minechat.
    2) Vote - this counts as 'logging in'... so even if you don't get on to play, you can vote once a month and not go derelict!
    So, if you will be gone awhile, be sure to get near wifi and vote on your phone and you should be good!
  5. /entc

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  6. Ninja'd? You're a little slow then... :rolleyes:

    I wouldn't say voting counts as logging in because you don't get the 100 rupees for logging in.
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  7. Yes sir, you don't get the 100 rupee log in bonus.
    I meant this more towards the context of the 'free ways to not go derelict' in that those were the ways which count towards resetting the 'derelict' status.
    Either way, good clarification!