2 Issues and a few things Id like to see happen!

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  1. For starters, I'd like to list 2 things I have noticed that I think are just an oversight. First being there is 132k+ members but the server message still shows 120k. And secondly, that message about April rupee deals is still being sent in-game chat throughout the day, even though we are in May now. Neither of these a big deals I just figured I'd mention them.

    So now on to some goodies!

    1) Being able to sell land. As of posting a few pictures of some builds I have worked on, I have actually been getting a lot of requests for people wanting me to build houses and such for them. It got me to thinking/wondering, why is land not something that can be currently sold? I see no negative side to it. I think it would be nice to have a new market option where you could buy or sell your farm, factory, or house!

    2) Commands. I've been here for just over a week now and I am starting to feel like all I am doing is typing commands, before I can do anything it just seems like I have to type a command to do it. Moving around, changing worlds, changing servers, vault and so on. It just feels a bit bulky to me, like in the process it's lost a lot of it's smooth vanilla feel of going out to do something. It's like the commands have commands, such as changing servers you have to vault in between, why not just have a shared inventory? Everything else from rupees to how many plots you currently have is transferred, why should the inventory be separate and have extra commands tied to it?

    3) The Wiki. Coming from a player that is relatively new, it has been pretty difficult to get a lot of the information I know now. Tons of pages exist but so many of them have no links in, so it's all valid information being made useless. The more difficult it is to figure everything out, the less likely new players are to stick around. I don't mind me a challenge but I know equally many people like Minecraft for it's simple and somewhat brainless nature. If a new player feels overwhelmed or like it's to complicated but also can't find the information they need, they won't stick around.

    I saw a post somewhere saying it was being worked on, but it was from like a month ago, I just feel like that should be on a little higher priority especially seeing as recent updates have been about trying to retain new members. For me it had nothing to do with the tutorial, or fancy items, it was about the information NZScruffy provided me that made me stay, but it could have been something that was here on the website. And even though NZScruffy is amazing, he can't always be there to help the noobies like me get started. :)

    4) Quartz. We need more Quartz. >_>

    That's all I've got right now, but believe you me! There shall be more suggestions in the future!

    Side note: Keep in mind I am in no way bashing the server or trying to force the server in some direction that benefits me, I am purely suggesting (as the section is named) things I have observed or believe from my own opinion and point of view that would better the server.

    Thanks. :)
  2. Totally agree with 3.
  3. Iagree with a lot, but not everything.

    1) I dont know, I know people sell their plots, so In my opinion, this is already here? I dont want to keep a residence mine but knowing some1 else is actually having/using it

    2) Because having seperate inventories on each server is a lot better. An example, at SMP1 you're on a Gold farm, on SMP2 you're standing in a good shop, on smp3 you're on adventure, etc etc,
    I love vaults and make use of it, and the example I explained above is how I'm positioned (sort of)
    Commands theirselves, I like em and doubt there a lot of people that don't like em?

    3) Wiki.. Well, I've helped a lot of people, and my opinion on this is sort of the same as a few recent created topics. Since last year, I rarely get a thank after I've helped some1. Politeness is a word that a lof people on EMC don't understand. I'm not trying to be harsh right now, but I'm pretty sure the people that have it, do understand what I mean here..

    4) A lot more Quartz. But my remark on this is, the Wastelands will get reset when 1.8 is applied to the server.
    (So, having the seperate inventories are usefull again ;))

    I hope my English is understandable :)
  4. I do agree that the wastelands could be reset a little more often, just to get some more resources and money flowing in the economy, just like Aikar wanted.
  5. Is being worked on daily and constantly being improved, information new and old alike.

    As a Contribution Team member myself, and the others, we all work to make the Wiki and the Blog a nicer place to get information from. We understand the Wiki can be hard to read, and there a big plans in the tube for the Wiki. The main guide for new players itself is in a massive overhaul and will be so much better when completed. The entire Wiki is actually being moved over to a new format in the near future also, to allow us to do more and let people get the information they need, as soon as.

    The information should be in the Wiki as of now, just harder to navigate. The navigable part of the Wiki and the new member friendliness of it is being worked on, I assure you. When we have all the new features, it will be a ton better, as our current format is restricted. If you have a piece of information you really cannot find, contact someone in game or on forums who may be able to help. If that information is 100% not in the Wiki, message 3 Contributors and we shall try to fit it in also. If you cannot find something on the Wiki and have really tried, we will even try to show you the page you are looking for, but using the search bar, it should be possible to find what you want :)

    So, the Wiki is being worked on, it is a very big plan and will take a lot of time, but I promise on my behalf and the rest of the team alike that the Wiki will be so much more navigable, member friendly and a truly easier to read, better place.

    EDIT: There is no ETA, but hatorijr is working on the site and the Wiki as soon as, JackBiggin is currently on exam break and will be able to help move it all when he is back. The other Contributors will continue to make the current Wiki a better place until we move, when the Contributors will then make the information much more easier to read and easy to find ;)
  6. Yes there is kinda alot of commands now, it would be nice if there was a item like the Empire Assistant, that could do the commands for you :rolleyes:
  7. That's what the Empire Assistant is for, the essential commands. It's actually slower than simply typing them out though. :)
  8. Yeah heh, it wasn't really about making commands easier to use it's about making less of them to have to use. I dunno I guess it's just something I'll have to get used to. It wasn't that bad until we got a farm on Utopia going, now it seems like every 5 minutes I'm vaulting and changing servers and such, just so many commands in between lol.
  9. Your english is awesome! :D
  10. Oh yeah, we've all been there, they can get difficult. :) All commands that need to be remembered are an absolute necessity to EMC, but I can tell you that soon you'll have them all down to the T :D
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  11. im guessing u already know but you can use the arrow keys to say a command u already did it helps if you are just popping to a server to unload a vault then going to another to fill the vault
  12. Yes but thank you very much for trying to help :)

    Like I said I guess it's just something I'll have to get used to! :p