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  1. Auction for 2 DC's of Snowballs! 1,728 Snowballs to throw at friends or maybe you could make 432 snow blocks to build a house on your residence :D Whatever it is, this auction starts at 250 Rupees, and the minimum bid increment is 50 rupees...Auction ends at 9:30PM in England, or 4:30PM EST! Pickup is from my residence with access chests or I can arrange a delivery (For a price) My residence is 18318 on SMP9 and the access chests will be waiting for you at the time...If you need anymore information, please reply to this post :) Happy Bidding!
    2013-08-13_13.47.58.png 2013-08-13_14.31.55.png 2013-08-13_14.27.59.png
  2. 250r
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  3. Looks like your in the lead at the moment... 2 hours to go everyone!
  4. 300r, and next time can you say Snow Balls at the end?
  5. There is no need to say it, if you hover over the button in auctions, it says the description, and it says snowballs on the first line, but if I do another perhaps I may :p You are now in the lead SkyDragonv8 with 1 hour 45 mins to go
  6. I plan to pelt a stack of snowballs at each Staff Member.
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  7. Well I'm glad they will be put to a use :p 1 hour 40 minutes remaining everyone!
  8. 400r
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  9. 1 Hour left of the auction! flamingpotato42 winning at 400r :) Can anyone beat him? Lets see :p ~FDNY21
  10. flamingpotato42 you are the winner with 400r! How would you like to pickup?
  11. Ummm can u deliver it? I will pay u when i get home from golfing. An i will setup an access chest for u to drop it off. Smp 8 res 16442. Go on the pressure plate for auction pickups and the chest will be waiting for u. Thanks :)
  12. 400r for snowballs + 100r for delivery (some for vault, some for my time) Final price is 500 rupees, I see the chest is not there yet, Im guessing you will put it up later? May have to action this tomorrow, as here in the UK time is almost to sleep :p Just give my a reply and tell me when ~FDNY21
  13. Ok i will just pick it up. I hav payed you so plz setup the chest. Thanks
  14. Just woke up...Everything seems in order, I'm setting the chest for your name now, it will be up all day, so take all the time you need :) Thanks again ~FDNY21
  15. All signs setup, 18318 on smp9.empire.us :D I'll keep it up until you've taken it! ~FDNY21
  16. ok thanks ill pick it up as soon as i can today. Thanks :D
  17. No p
    No Problem :D ~FDNY21
  18. hey u can keep the other DC and auction it off. keep the money too. :)
  19. Thanks, thats really nice of you :D ~FDNY21
  20. Np i usually do 1 nice thing per day on emc. :)
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