2 = 1 NOT

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  1. The following example uses division by zero to "prove" that 2 = 1, but can be modified to prove that any number equals any other number.
    1. Let a and b be equal non-zero quantities
    A = B
    2. Multiply through by a
    A² = AB
    3. Subtract
    A² - B²
    4. Factor both sides
    (A - B)(A + B) = B(A - B)
    5. Divide out (A - B)
    A + B = B
    6. Observing that
    B + B = B
    7. Combine like terms on the left
    2B = B
    8. Divide by the non-zero b
    2 = 1

    The fallacy is in line 5: the progression from line 4 to line 5 involves division by a − b, which is zero since a equals b. Since division by zero is undefined, the argument is invalid. Deriving that the only possible solution for lines 5, 6, and 7, namely that a = b = 0, this flaw is evident again in line 7, where one must divide by b (0) in order to produce the fallacy (not to mention that the only possible solution denies the original premise that a and b are nonzero). A similar invalid proof would be to say that since 2 × 0 = 1 × 0 (which is true), one can divide by zero to obtain 2 = 1. An obvious modification "proves" that any two real numbers are equal.

    Many variants of this fallacy exist. For instance, it is possible to attempt to "repair" the proof by supposing that a and b have a definite nonzero value to begin with, for instance, at the outset one can suppose that a and b are both equal to one:

    A = B = 1

    However, as already noted the step in line 5, when the equation is divided by a − b, is still division by zero. As division by zero is undefined, the argument is invalid.
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  4. math is some pretty cool stuff to be honest. have you ever seen minute physics on youtube? his videos are great!
  5. EDIT: I tried to say that the fail is at line 3, not line 5.
    So basically A²=AB --> A²-B² ????
    I got lost, how in hell Apples² = Apples(pears) becomes Apples²-Pears² ?????
    the correct way to solve A²=AB would be in case A²/AB=0 which actually is A/B=0
    I believe your above statment it's kinda weird :p
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  6. i concur.
  7. Thats what happend to me when I read this! Lol
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  8. From the GIF you posted here:
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  11. However, AB/AB = 1. Your statement is kinda weird :p
  12. Still the same... lol
  13. A²=AB will never be AB=AB
    Not in real/normal math.
    Maybe: A²/A=B which could be:
    But that brings you back to the start :p
  14. Fixed I think, lol
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  16. Oh god....Thats gonna give me nightmares :(
  17. Well, if A2 = AB, then we can simplify in the following steps:
    A2 / AB = AB/AB
    Therefore A2 / AB = 1.
  18. Which will then lead you back to the first equation, A = B.
    But copherfield has a point. I also don't understand step 2 ~ 3.

    A² = AB
    Subtract A² - B² From A² = AB.
    It'll give you
    -B² = A² - B² + AB, then
    0 = A² + AB, then
    0 = A(A +B),