1x Zombie Spawner

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  1. A last, I can open up my spawner handling buisiness!!!
    So to start it off im selling a Zombie spawner.

    There is little/no chance of finding it but it is more than 2000 blocks out from the spawn. SMP6.

    Im selling it at 6k but if nobody is interested you may negotiate.
    I charge 4k for building a trap on it.

    Complying with the new guidelines, here is the disclaimer http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-selling-mob-spawner-locations.9738/

    Ahhh it feels good to have spawners back on the market
  2. I may be interested. I do not have 6k at the moment but for this I can get it. I need some source of xp.
  3. :confused: and I'm destroying spawners as I find them haha
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  4. falloutbe, please don't destroy the spawners :(, just take the moss cobble.
  5. I'm sorry :eek:
    but I only destroyed like three of them
    and they were spider spawners. nobody wants those anyways :D

    How much would people play if I would tell the coordinates of each spawner I find?
    4k is really high isn't it?
  6. I would pay for it if The one I am currently negotiating on isn't availaable. I can pay in other stuff then rupees.
  7. =.= ! I had a spider spawner griefed recently :p
  8. So who is gonna commit to buy?
  9. I do not destroy stuff that belongs to players :)
    they were just only spawner blocks, not whole spawning structures.