19500 - Always Stocked Mega-Mall

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  1. Our aim is to be the number one mega mall on EMC. Here's how we plan to accomplish that:

    Large Storage
    3 DCs of each key high-demand item, including every type of wood, cobble, stone, stone brick, (smooth) sandstone, sand, glass, wool, quartz, nether brick, netherrack, coal, redstone, etc...

    Fair And Competitive Pricing
    Lots of research into the pricing and stock of other shops to ensure that we are properly priced, so you can be sure that we will remain stocked while still being competitive against other shops.

    Always In Stock Guarantee
    With our combined high buy price and large storage area, we should never be out of stock. If you come to buy an item and it's out of stock, you get a free diamond!*

    Easy To Navigate Layout
    We use a convenient category system similar to other successful malls, enhanced with fail-safe teleporters for items which fit in more than one category. (ie Redstone, bonemeal, lapis.)

    So hop on down to
    /v 19500
    for everything you need!

    *Message me on the forums which item to get your diamond. Free diamond is only for the first customer to report the item. Limit one per item. You cannot be the one who bought the item out of stock. (This clause exists to prevent someone buying out cheap items to get diamonds and will be applied at our discretion.) Does not apply to exchanges, unless the most expensive chest is the one out of stock.
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  2. I appreciate any feedback if anyone has any!
  3. Looks cool from the pics ;)
  4. the building looks nice
  5. Everything in stock! Bump!