18th birthday in 5 months, I want to arrange a huge party to say thanks to you guys!

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  1. Hi guys, I haven't been on this server for too long (68 days at the moment) but I already love EMC and everyone here. I'm turning 18 this year, and would love to arrange a drop party as my way of saying thanks to all of you for being so amazing and friendly to me. As the title suggests, my birthday isn't for a while yet, (October 30th), but what I'm planning will hopefully be pretty huge.

    Now, in order for me to do this drop party, I need a lot of stuff to give out, which is where you come in. I've set up an open chest at my res on SMP1, /v 2012. And I ask that people please come and donate any extra diamonds, gold or whatever they feel like in order to help me make this the best party I can possibly make it. I won't ask for anything huge like promos or vouchers as I'm far too new to even consider asking for something like that. I only ask that people please donate anything they feel like they may not need that others might like in a drop party.
    Some people may think I might seem a little rude to ask of this considering I'm so new to the server, but I'll obviously be donating a lot of my own stuff (including a promo I picked up from another drop party :p)

    I just really want to make something as a way of showing my gratitude to all the amazing people of EMC, and I couldn't think of a better time to do so than my birthday. However, the drop party may occur the day before or after due to potential parties IRL.

    Thanks for reading, and thank you so much to anyone who may wish to donate.
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  2. Would love to make it, Already Donated.
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  3. Just a quick note in case it all falls apart, please comment what you may have donated so that I can return it if I don't get the party done properly :p
  4. Ill see if I can make it.
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  5. i can donate my drop party room for use at 12002 when you are ready to throw it. its the best working drop party room on emc atm.
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  6. That would be awesome, thanks
  7. I keep forgetting that this community is full of adults too. :oops:

    Happy early birthday! I will be donating.

    EDIT: You need another chest.
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  8. SkyDragonv8, please let me know what you donated so that I can possibly send it back if there happen to be any problems. I'm hoping nothing goes wrong but I'd like to know so that I could return it all back to you if something does indeed go wrong.
  9. Happy Early Birthday! I will stop by and donate :)
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  10. OK, so as I have learned over the last few days, my internet does not like me in crowds of people, so a drop party would pretty much be pointless as I wouldn't even be able to be there, I'm really sorry to anyone who donated items, I shall return them to you all as soon as I can.
  11. bussgil's place was not the best sample of what will lag in a drop party
  12. Not just from that DP, but from previous DPs and the huge DP/death party-thing that Krysyy did the other week, every time I'm in an area with more than say, 20 people, I get disconnected and can't reconnect for sometimes up to 10 minutes. If I were to host a DP, I'd kind of like to be there the whole time, and not only see small parts of it, which is just not possible by the looks of it.