18648 - The Wise Council

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  1. So those who know me know that I get bored with my Res quite a bit so I re-design stuff... the current design was my first chance to use that Schematica mod and I have to say it was a blast... I built this entire thing completely on my own. I did have help from Topdawg657 and Bugmo1207 with the lava outside though. I had a lot of fun building it... and one of the floors is our Council Room, which I dubbed "The Wise Council" and here are some screenshots:

    The Wise Council: Topdawg657, Bugmo1207, Christina80, and Sgx2000 :)

    feel free to come visit!

  2. This is 100% turtle approved! :p
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  3. omg you made a turtle signature lolllllllll
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  4. Huh. It looks cool.
    Off topic: Level 80?!
  5. yeah, i dont really enchant anything so it's just been building up. you'd be surprised how much XP you earn just by smelting things and i smelt all the stone in this building myself.