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  1. For everyone that has seen it you may have fell for the Sig, som eof the build in the vidwo are now out of date as i have been working on my res a lot! but hopefull an update can be shown soon once more of the res is done

    But here is the Official release of a video done for some of my builds within EMC on smp9


    Zolara Mall- 18313
    Lost Cave Hotel - 18313
    "Mineshaft maze"-18313

    and least but not least the Maze you have all come to love for hating it

    THE LOST FOREST MAZE - Oot-tribute maze

    Enjoy the video and a Big ol' shout out to heyaroo for doing a awesome job
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  2. That's some very impressive stuff! I love the jungle dome in particular, but the natural-looking mineshafts are quite a sight too.
  3. Nice ephixa music in the first part:D i love your shop and the maze but the hotel looks even better
  4. Thanks. I don't advertise to get people to shop but me and my crew love to build. Currently 85% of the builds are of my work and help from the rest of the crew mainly eramas_man20, iamkhatru, Mitharis and saintmike77

    We have much more to show and offer and much more to come. Tell people abouts us if you eyes enjoyed a visual treat.