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Will You Shop Here?

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  1. I have recently been working on a new project which from the title says it all. This mall will be 4 stories high but have 8 sections. From my math (which isn't always correct :p) I will need a DC of both iron and coal blocks to finish the build. Along with 5 DCs of Dark Oak Logs. If you wish to donate anything needed (Including Rupees) you can /pay me the Rupees, but for donations drop them off at 17599 itself. Feel free to look around, there are 3 sections complete. There are no shops open at this moment, this is due to the fact of low Rupees.

    Sections Under Construction:

    Sections Completed:
    Vouchers (Vault/Stable/Supporter)
    100k Forum Member Gear

    Planned Opening Time: Christmas Eve

    Actual Opening Day: ???????

    Enterprises - Cheap Iron Blocks/Sea Lanterns
    Qkazoochan - Light Blue Wool
    WitherDoggie - 101,500r
    Allicanto - DC Of Dark Oak Wood
    Please Let Me Know If I Forget You!

    (If You Donate Rupees, Please Let Me Know By Posting Here Or Shooting Me A PM!


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  2. i'll have a DC of dark oak on my res for you :p
    its on smp7
    and you can pay whatever you want for it (also 0 r)
  3. Thanks! Will pick-up in about an hour or so!

  4. Bump! Progress Has Been Made!
  5. Bemp! Ran Out Of Coal Blocks Today :(
  6. Bump! Still Working On Light Up The Place!
  7. Small tip for a promo shop, especially in the beginning, the building your shop is in should be your least concern. Keeping a decent stock of most items and a 6-7 figure balance is much more important than aesthetics. Your building should be what you spend on with extra money ;)
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  8. I'd like to finish all sections then worry about stock. That way all my money after that goes towards promos.
  9. The money you have to start is much more important. If you invest in the items and the shop value now, the money will be flowing in and you'll have plenty of profit to spend on the building. I speak from experience ;)

    Probably the single most important thing to tell you - spend your starting money extremely wisely.
  10. If you're low on rupees then concentrate on the promos. As a buyer and seller of promos, I can tell you that my concerns would definitely be in your stock rather than in the look of your building, and I'm sure the same will go for almost all of your other customers... I understand you want it to look nice and you can do that over time, but as Haro said, you should definitely get that stock going! :)
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  11. Its hard by yourself. Only a couple donations... And only for materials really.

  12. It's perfectly doable by yourself - don't rely completely on donations, try and run it individually, you'll be more successful that way as you can rely on that more :)
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  13. Bump, Been Busy!
  14. I would have PMed you this if you had PMs enabled, but I suppose it fits here sort of.

    I think the reason you aren't getting many donations is because people wanting to start a shop of their own kind without actually doing it are dime a dozen. The 'industry' (if you want to call it that) tends to have a reputation for people that will have large ambitions of making their shop but they end up just taking all the donations and nothing becomes of it. Either they ran out of money and nobody would carry them, or they lost interest.

    Let's think a second here, a shop is a place that buys and sells items. The gap between the buying and selling price is called profit. The profit goes to the shop owner. If you are a customer at a shop, you are no matter what making the owner a profit since they take a margin on the item.

    Do you see what I'm trying to get at here? Community projects like public farms and museums tend to get many more donations (and higher valued ones as well) since they're non profit and for community benefit. Shops only directly benefit the owner of the shop, so by donating to a shop plan, you're essentially giving the owner of the shop money in order for them to make money. It's like an investment where nobody besides the first party wins.

    If that doesn't make sense, let's use Walmart as an example. Has Walmart asked for money from people so that they could open a new store? No, and they aren't going to get any for that reason, since shoppers are going to spend money there anyway and Walmart will make profit there.

    Opening a shop is not easy. Well it is, but opening a quality shop is not. You can't expect for your customers, the ones that are getting nothing out of you and are actually in the long run only making you money, to pay for your shop.. If people have leftover money at the end of the day that they want to donate somewhere, it will almost certainly go to a community project of some sort that everyone benefits at and not to a shop where the owner benefits. The entire point of a shop is the owner pays for the startup and pays for the inventory, and the profit they make can rightfully be considered theirs. But why should anybody else pay for your shop?

    It also doesn't make it any easier for the fact that you want an extravagant building to put it in right away and you don't even want to pay for it yourself. 2000 was not gems and quartz from the start. It used to be at 413, a nether brick and wool building that costed probably under 50k to construct. Todd didn't build 2000 until his shop was stable under his own hard work and he could easily afford the building completely on his own.

    Only my two cents.
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  15. Your saying i should close this thread and keep the build private?
  16. I'm saying you should be prepared to fund it almost completely, if not completely yourself.
  17. So keep this project private? Since i have to fund it by myself.
  18. You can still have it public for exposure to the concept, but I wouldn't expect any funding for reasons I've stated.
  19. Then why have this thread open, have you even seen the place? All you have done is tell me what to do and what not to do. No good work or anything. I have gotten is... Yeah.
  20. So donations are the only reason that you made a thread? You don't want exposure? If all you want out of this thread is donations and that's it, that is saying something..

    I've seen the place, and I feel like I've expressed my thoughts clear enough in the long post I wrote to you. If you want to have an open mind and reread it, feel free to do so and consider the thoughts.

    I'm not sure what you want to hear from me.