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  1. Because I don't do a lot with rupees, I've decided to give away 15K of them towards a project. Anyone can attempt to get them, just make a post with the follow:

    1. What is it?
    2. Why do you need the rupees?
    3. What will this project do to aid the Empire?
    4. Is it in the wild or town?

    I have one rule for this: No megamalls. I am saying this because megamalls tend to come and go and I would rather donate these rupees towards a project that will truly be able to benefit people. We already have more than a handful of megamalls, lets see if we could get anything else started.

    I will be picking the winner on Friday.
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  2. I'll always be in for the chance to get free rupees :p

    What is it? - My theme park that I'll probably never actually finish :p
    Why do you need the rupees? - So that I can get somewhere close to finishing it
    What will this project do to aid the Empire? - It will drain peoples rupees into my account? And it'll be a place where people can go and have fun :p
    Is it in the wild or town? - It's in town :(
  3. 1. What is it? Tri Res (Soon to be Quad) Theme Park
    2. Why do you need the rupees? To buy materials need to make rides, attractions,etc.
    3. What will this project do to aid the Empire? It will supply a location for players to enjoy being on the Empire and to win prizes in games...
    4. Is it in the wild or town? Town (Res: 1984, 1778, 1777)
  4. Hmmmmm does it have to go to the whole empire? Because I will need t for something private :3
  5. Yes. The project must be accessible to the public.
  6. aw man.
  7. 1. What is it?
    I'm currently building a sort of horse-center, where there are many things to do with horses (so far I have a race track, an agility course, a jousting arena, stables, and a horse shop). I plan on also making a few more race courses, a horse museum, a breeding center to breed more 130-139 speeds (as they are sold out very quickly), boarding shelters, many horse minigames and rides (such as bungee jumping, a horse flying fox, a merry-go-round, an underwater course etc), and more.
    2. Why do you need the rupees?

    Horses, their supplies, and horse promos tend to be quite expensive. I am saving up to buy a faster breeder horse in order to be able to breed more fast horses to meet the demand of customers (I currently have a waiting list for these horses), and I don't like to keep them waiting for too long. Even if 15k is only a small amount of rupees compared to the prices of many items needed for my project, it still helps greatly to cover the cost of building materials. Currently I am spending all the rupees I have, solely on this project, so I guarantee you that this money will go straight towards this project, and be put to good use.
    3. What will this project do to aid the Empire?

    From what I've seen, there are not major builds concerning horses on EMC, so I think that my project will make it easier to learn about, find, and buy horses of a certain type that players are looking for on EMC. I plan on hosting regular horse competitions, such as races, teamed competitions, and even Olympic-like competitions every now and then. I personally found it hard to find a well-stocked, reliable horse shop. Some of the games don’t require perms to participate in, so players can compete against their friends whenever they feel like it, not just when I’m online.
    4. Is it in the wild or town?

    My project is in town, on smp6, meaning that pretty much everyone can access it.

    I sorta thought that the application thing had to be long... ^^

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  8. 1. I want to clean up the frontier, becouse it is a mess.
    2. I probably use a lot of blocks, tools and spend a lot of time on it.
    3. I think that is obvious
    4. Frontier
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  9. Can I join you and give 10k to someone that posted in this thread? :p
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  10. Well first of all, thanks for doing this.

    1. A community games center where people can play games such as spleef, pig racing, parkour etc. I make the games on request, meaning everyone gets to play the game they love (eventually)

    2. To build more games, buy more blocks to add a second floor, as the first floor is out of space.

    3. Offer a variation within EMC, as far as i know NOWHERE offers a variety of minigames in one place, this will be unique and the place to go for fun.

    4. Town on smp3, res 6655.
  11. 1. It's going to be a sports arena hosting a game similar to soccer, and eventually basketball and hockey possibly.
    2. Buying materials mostly, and acquiring uniforms, snowballs (to use in actual game), villagers (they are the "ball"), etc.
    3. A sports arena would give the empire a form of entertainment usually not seen before, and some rupees to players, as salaries may be given, as well as a grand tournament with some rare stuff :)
    4. Town, 18005 smp9, right next to town spawn.
  12. Sure, would you want the 10K to go with the 15K and we decide together or would you want to give it separately?
  13. Can I donate 10k to this?
  14. I'll add to this as I'm his partner for he project.

    1. What is it? Villager soccer Arena
    2. Why do you need the rupees? Mostly sandstone and the stuff he said
    3. What will this project do to aid the Empire? We plan on hosting regular events with lots of prizes, honestly this money would probably go towards buying prizes like diamonds, gold and promos.
    4. Is it in the wild or town? town
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  15. I think I'll choose my own, but I just really like your thread setup, and think it is a nice way of seeing who can actually use your rupees :) I used to do random giveaways, but I realised that there's a chance that the person that wins needs the rupees less then I, so I don't like that. Here I know that the winner will use them for something better then I would do.
  16. 1. What is it?
    A public emerald generator (for the lack of a better term). It will have three different publicly accessible supply of items that villagers accept for emeralds (wool, sugarcane, fish), and a villager room.
    2. Why do you need the rupees?
    Tons of sheep spawn eggs, redstone for the sugarcane farm, and shovels to dig out the rooms.
    3. What will this project do to aid the Empire?
    Players can stop by, and with a few minutes of work, will be able to get a decent amount of emeralds to sell, build with, or trade further.
    4. Is it in the wild or town?
    Town, smp1, res # 1134
  17. Or you can just breed an infinite paper villager and make a sugercane farm with daylight sensor?
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  18. Has the winner been chosen yet?
  19. Sorry about the wait. :x

    The receiver of the 15K is BabyCreepersRule! The others giving away their rupees can announce their winners whenever they wish. :)
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