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  1. Hello EMC,
    I am currently building an Enchantment Store at 14362, SMP 7.

    Front View

    Side View

    As you can see by the images above, I still need heaps more material to finish the structure, so below are the materials I am buying and the prices.

    Grey Wool (Dark) - Buying up to 8 stacks - 80 rupees each stack.
    White Wool - Buying up to 4 stacks - 80 rupees each stack.
    Glowstone - Buying up to 1 stack - 18 rupees each block.
    Leaves (Oak) - Buying up to 2 stacks - 25 rupees each stack.

    Donations are also accepted! If you have made a donation, please contact me - You will not be forgotten!
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  2. I can sell you Glowstone 15r per :)
    Come to 19091 on SMP9 and I will set up an access chest with one stack, just pay me when you can :D
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  3. Texture pack?
  4. Alright! That would be great! :)

    I am using Faithful 32x32, plus the Shaders Mod (Don't worry, I don't build with the Shaders Mod on :D. I just get a bit picky in bad quality pictures. :)
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  5. Bump :) KoenJanssen has supplied all the Glowstone needed - Thanks! :D
  6. I could probably get the wool as well :) I'll reply once i have it
  7. I could get the oak leaves for you for free :)

    Just want to see this thing completed :)
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  8. I can supply you with all the white wool you need. I'll set up and access chest at 3515 once I see the money on my rupees page ;)
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  9. I can sell u Leaves (Oak) for 50r for the 2 stacks if u want come to 6244 if u want them
  10. Hm. . .Free or 50r? :p
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  11. 50r... read the post sometime

  12. Read my first post sometime
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  13. Well, I can buy 1 stack of each of you. So Death, if you're still happy with selling them for free, that's fine with me! :)

    Alright! I'll pay straight away! :)
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  14. ok i'll change the sign or u can just have the extra stack for free!!!