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  1. I understand that the shop that I got from BeLugh was unclaimed. It had 95% of my items on it, I just want to ask BigDavie if he could give me a heads up or a warning before I lose my 15 beacons, 5 stacks of iron blocks, a single chest of iron ingots, lots of ores, all of my tools and armor, and EVERYTHING. I just want at least some of my stuff back BigDavie.
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  2. Well, smp7 has lost a bit of its history.
  3. It's not up to the staff to monitor the items on a res. What belongs to who doesn't matter. The rule is if it's reclaimed, everything on it is lost. It sucks, but you should have monitored their activity more if you were keeping such expensive stuff on it.
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  4. If its been unclaimed then wouldn't it of already been reset?
    Edit- Never mind, read it through properly :p
    I know how it feels, but I believe the is not much you can do about it. When nfell2009 got banned I had a lot of valuable items in his megmall then it got reset with no warning, but I guess its my fault as I should of got my items out of there as soon as he got banned.
  5. This is kinda why I only work on reses where people don't vanish. On Smp7 I worked hard on stuff on 14946 and we were starting a shop across from it. The owner just vanished so removed all my important stuff so this wouldn't happen. This is the risk you take when the res owner doesn't log in in months.
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  6. The res was derelict. The owner had not been on for over two months. With it's easily remembered number I am surprised it wasn't unclaimed earlier.
    If you keep anything on another players lot it is considered to be that players property. The res owner forfeited the res and the items on it by not logging in.
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