1337 Residence

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  1. If you guys do not know what 1337 means, it is internet speak that is popular that means "leet, elite".

    I have finally gotten the residence 1337. After many months of /p ing, it finally payed off. Now my question is, what should I make on the residence?(Actually, I just /p ed two days ago, and saw that I had to wait 24 hours :p Kinda exaggerated)

    A mega mall? A shop. A farm? ELITE tools? What should I do?
  2. No matter what you do, make sure all text is in 1337 :D
  3. a PVP spleef obviously. :)

    and other lame 1337 stuff
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  4. Psh, 1337 stuff of course, and maybe a pixel art of me o3o
  5. A dirt shack with a sign on it reading
  6. I have a new neighbor :D
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  7. Previous owner of 1337 here. Make it look like a newbie res, with dirt towers and shacks and random chests, and then build an awesome base/shop/farm underground. With a 1x1 hole for entry.
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  8. Wool art stating 1337 and HAXOR. Of course with a flappy bird wool pixel art too.
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