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  1. Hi ppl hope you all well, it late here but I wanted to let you kow that 13131 is always open for business and has a great variety of items for sale.

    Recently stocked are items that came with the new 1.5 update for redstone devices and building.

    Daylight Delay
    Redstone blocks
    Quarts flakes
    Quarts Blocks all kinds including slabs and stairs
    Lots of boom sticks in stock also for all you diamond supporters

    The mall has teleporters and stairs so feel free to visit and look around.

    I think the only thing I am low on is grey wool, sand and sandstone all types so if you want to sell to me that fine too.

    Go and make your self some rupees
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  2. Good morning bump
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  3. Sweet Shop :p thought power ups are mad. ( Speed 2, Haste 2, Jump boost 2, Regeneration, resistance all for 8 seconds ) Nuts lol but makes it fun going around your shop XD. Buy from you more often :)
  4. Very nice :) What I was after was in stock, and nicely priced too!
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  5. your welcome guys
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