13131 Bulk buy shop open

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  1. Hello, this is just to let you know that I have now opened a bulk buy shop at 13131 mega mall.

    To get to the bulk buy shop use the teleport for sell shop and go to the far end stone block wall, doors are open so you can access.

    I have logs, iron blocks, bones, arrows, roses, and a few other items.

    This is separate from the main shop / mall

    This shop sell most of the items by the chest load so if you do come to use it make sure your inventory is empty.
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  2. Just to let you all know I have automated the bulk buy shop so as the chest empty they will auto re-fill
    Iron is 3r per ingot also remember you buy it by the chest load so 1 click purchase so easy :D
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  3. Nice to see some ppl using the bulk buy shop, worth checking out
  4. Where is da bulk diamonds sign?.... :p