125k Giveaway - 600th day AMA

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  1. #LETS GO BIG!
    140k rupees AND MANY iTEMS

    I will announce the winners in early August

    Rupee Prize:

    1st place : 90k
    2nd place : 35k
    3rd place : 15k

    Follow up prize:

    36 Stacks of Blaze Rods
    A DC of baked potatoes
    An UNB III EFF V FORTUNE III Diamond Pickaxe
    An UNB III EFF IV FORTUNE III Diamond Pickaxes
    Almost a DC of ICE

    Enchanted items:

    a single Everlasting Axestopper (UNB 4, EFF 5)
    a Protection IV UNB III Diamond Helmet
    a Protection IV UNB III Diamond Chestplate
    a Protection IV Diamond Leggings
    a pair of Protection IV Diamond Boots
    2 Smite IV Knckback II Diamond Sword

    6 items have been edited out.

    To Enter the GiveAway, simply post a question below


    One more thing, watch "attack on titan","Sword art online", "Guilty Crown". :p
  2. Sorry to see another person leave, I suggest you get steam if you don't already haha you can get a lot of good games on there :) Heres my question: Will you pop onto the EMC server everyone and a while?
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  3. Perhaps, if I can be bothered to.
  4. I really don't know you that well, but, I hope you return like I did.

    Question: Which do you prefer, bacon, or not bacon?

    You'll be missed. :)
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  5. I'm sorry to see yet another person leave. :(

    600 days? You were probably here when the website was put up. So, What brought you to decide to quit minecraft, were your parents the opposite of "Minecraft Fanatics"?
  6. Sad to see you go (Even though I barely knew you :p).

    My Question - is this question a positive or negative question?
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  7. Well, it is sad to see players go... Hope you have fun with the other games you plan to play.
    Question: Why do you think minecraft is in it's worst days?
  8. Really? Leaving after 600 days... aw...
    Question: Aren't you glad to have good friends to look after you?
    When I started the people were terrible, no offence :3
  9. Sad to see you so :( what is your best memory of emc?
  10. Sad to see you go, and not sure if this counts as a goodbye thread(which isn't allowed), but I hope you eventually feel like coming back.
    I think you know my question.
  11. Shame to see yet another person leaving :(
    Question - Which would you rather fight, spaghetti monster, or the boogie monster?
  12. What other games have interested you?
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  13. Its a shame you had to leave, but as it is your choice, I respect that, and hope you enjoy all your future endeavors.

  14. Best memory? Hmmm, probably don't have one :D.
    Mojangsters are working on scroll rather than MC. They barely made an improvement for the MC launcher, they will have to come up with a creative idea to impress the players.
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  15. What Is Your Favorite Color ??
  16. League of Heros (空之轨迹)fc
  17. Light grey or orange,
  18. How much wood can a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  19. Hope you return man :)
    You were funny :p
  20. A lot?