1230 open to grief

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  1. Hey guys quiting the server. sorry but I got bored of it. anyway my res on smp1 is 1230 and all the flags have been set so that any1 can go in there and grief. the griefing will be up as long as it takes for the mods to remove the res.
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  2. NOOOOO Don't Leave Us!!!

  3. Thats sad :(
    I hope you change your mind >_<
  4. That means I hope he stays ._.
  5. I think you are totally misunderstanding what he is saying.
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  6. I guess I don't. What does he mean by this then?
  7. He wanted him to change his mind, so that he would stay:p
  9. OOHHHHHHHHH DOH! God, how could I think that? I'm so sorry Bilbo! I thought you were talking to me!

    I feel so ashamed...
    I just deleted those posts bc I felt so bad…
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  10. And you just made me confused too :p
  11. We'd hate to see you go!
  12. Don't leave!
  13. Noooo! DON'T LEAVE US!!!!
  14. Please don't!
  15. Sucks to lose a member of the EMC family, but oh well. Hope you had a nice time while you were here.
    (Also what I find funny about open to grief threads is that the real life equivalent would be open to robbery on your house) But it makes sense you're doing this, I wouldn't my hard work just disappear w/ /res unclaim.
  16. I do not recognise boredom as a valid reason to leave EMC. I mean....how does that even work?
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  17. The game was getting to easy. I was ready to move on to a real survival server.
  18. Real? Please for all the effort and features this server's the best out there!
    Plus the Tombs update is coming!!!
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  19. This is an open-world game. Set yourself some bigger objectives! Start dreaming!