12004 SMP6 Museum!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    Welcome to The Empire Finch Museum
    A Division of The Empire Finch Inc.

    I have been working on a small project on smp6 for a while now, and it is nearing its completion, so I thought it was time to make a Thread.

    Anyway, this thread will be more of an update thread, then fully redesigned when the build is finished.

    Where is the Located?
    What is the Res Number(s)?
    12003, 12004, 12005, 12012, 12013, 12014
    When Will it be Open?
    No ETA Yet (Soon!)

    I will update these screens every once in a while.



    Build Statistics

    **More Information Coming Soon!**

    Still in Building Stage!

    Feel Free to Look Around, just go to spawn, on SMP6 and go north, you cant miss it!
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  2. **More Information Coming Soon!**
  3. **More Information Coming Soon!**
  4. "Small"
    "6 reses"

    My mind has been blown.
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  5. Bump,

    Important Notice Infront of Museum infront o Spawn