1111 - Hiring Suppliers!

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  1. Hello EMC
    Got alot of items, and makes alots more everyday? Then you are the guy (or perhaps the girl) for me!
    You will get selling bonus, so its better being a supplier than just selling to the mall.
    How to earn higher %
    10% - Be Assigned As A Supplier
    20% - Sell Alot
    25% - Sell ALOT!
    Here is aCookieGod's room:
    Wanna Supply - Inform Me :)

    ~Faith & All The 1111 Suppliers!
  2. I just assigned penfoldex as a Wool Supplier, he gets 10% bonus sell price!
    Wanna earn tons like penfoldex, sign up and sell your stuff :-D
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  3. I can supply blaze rods, oak wood, and iron.
  4. I am the manager of floor 12 but I can also sell blazes, slimes And emeralds.
  5. Fixing your rooms
  6. Is the store open?
  7. Not yet, prices should be up today or tomorow.
  8. Is my room made?
  9. I can put mu stuff tomorrow ir in tuesday
  10. I can maybe sell Gold :)
  11. NICE everyone :)
    I'm away today, everything will takemspped again tomorow