[1111 Days Contest] Eclipsys' 1111th EMC Day!!!

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  1. Greetings EMC!

    A few hours ago I reached my 1111th day on the fabulous Empire MineCraft server :D! It's been a long long time since I first joined! But I'm still here :D! (I even have the residence I started with! (841)).

    Now some of you might remember my 666th day droppary extravaganza, where I dropped 1million rupees worth of items! For my 1111th day I have another contest tho!

    I want each and all of you to think of a fitting gift/block/item that fits me. Think of a story and substantiate why this item/block fits me! The top 3 original entries will win 20k, 15k and 10k!

    Send 'em in!

    A dropparty migh follow lateron :D

    Here's to another 1111days on EMC :p! *herehere*

  2. Your head. It fits you..literally.
    No story required.
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  3. Circle stone. Its pricey,, but one that is a very creative looking block.
    grats on 1111 :)
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  4. Creative answer :D

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  6. a diamond fits u as it is rare and is a beautiful sight to all who dare to look :D it is a shining glory to behold!
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  7. You are the bottom of the void. No one can touch you and your awesomeness. Many have tried; all have died or spent many hours falling endlessly. :D
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  8. Cactus
    It's nice, but when you get too close, you get slapped and stabbed.
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  9. :p ?

    Oh yes, I like that one!

    The wutnow?
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  10. \(o3o)/, stayed up to like 3 in the morning for it, was worth it...
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  11. Glowstone
    It's bright and cheerful and looks good with any build.
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  12. Potato
    Potato is tasty
    Potato is tasty enjoyable
    Potato is tasty enjoyable cylindrical
    tasty enjoyable cylindrical goodness
    that is my potato poem!
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  13. Hahaha Nice, keep 'em commin':D
  14. Does it have to be a block, or just and item from minecraft in general?
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  15. any item, block or thing you can find in MC :)
  16. You would be an enchantment table -
    You take ordinary, dull objects and landscapes, and turn them into wonderful creations that improve the quality of everything around it :)
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  17. Enderman-
    I once saw an Enderman,
    I went up to it with my sword and confidence, and went BAM ...
    It teleported away, just as I tried to slay.
    It came back and hit me with knockback,
    I fell off a cliff, and into the ender dragons lair.
    I lost all my gear, my bed was missing or obstructed so what could I do?
    And so far away from spawn, there was nothing I could do...

    And btw, congratz! :D
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  18. lol that's more of a poem, but still :D
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  19. Oeh! Nice one. It's gonna be a hard pick xD

    It doesn't really matter if it's a poem or a story xD
  20. Glowstone
    Simply involved in every EMC build somehow - either by inspiration or by your own hand :p
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