11,340 | 3 double chest of netherbrick

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  1. 3x54= 162
    162x70 (70r per netherbrick stack) = 11,340

    Buying 162 stack of netherbrick for 11,340

    And I want it in 2 days max who can manage that ?
  2. Nobody i think. :(
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  3. Do you have chests set up somewhere?
  4. no just gather them and Ill arrange it :)
  5. thats 6x full inv with that brick :p
  6. I have a double chest, though I am not sure if I want to sell it to you.....
  7. I'll be collecting nether brick, I'll see how much i can get and then ill let you know. I'm collecting it right now!
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  8. I'd rather not collect 3 double chests of nether brick only to find you've already bought your quota from someone else. If you can set up a chest somewhere, I'm sure there are plenty of people willing to sell to it.
  9. Am I the only one who is wondering how the fruckity floo one would go about fitting 11,340m^3 of netherbrick into a 6m^3 space?
  10. Turn up the density level of your flux matrix. Just not too far or you'll end up with a black hole.
  11. Okay, did some calculations, I'll need to turn the density level up to 1890 times the normal. How much causes a black hole?
  12. So far I have a little less than two double chest's full. I should have the rest with in the next 5 hours.
  13. Well ill buy from zbalda since he collected :)
  14. Its 11,340 rupees for that lol ! :D
  15. I have about as much as he does right now so you've kind of made my point.
  16. My apologies, that means 10,368m^3 of netherbrick, meaning I must turn the gravity up to 1,728 times the normal level. Not, of course, counting the space taken up by the transparent area and the edges of the chest.
  17. For what are you going to use this?
  18. #1 ranked DBO megashop on smp5 10101 which u can't enter atm
  19. Guys come on smp5 who has the doublechest I gotta buy now!
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