10449 has open flags!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 72Volt, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Hey, I'm 72Volt, and I wanna reset my residence. Before I do that, however, I am opening up all flags on my residence and allowing anyone to take what they please!

    This is happening until 7PM GMT, and there's a block of glowstone somewhere, so get down to 10449 on SMP5 quick to get some stuffs!
  2. To bad if you missed this, i gave away iron and gold blocks aswell, when he removed all flags :)
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  3. I got 32 iron blocks from you! :p
  4. =P
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  5. Thanks for doing this
  6. Yes, thanks!
  7. No problem at all ^_^

    The reason I've reset my residence is to make way for a new project, called the Pivot Superexchange.

    It will be EMC's first financial nerve centre. As well as incorporating and rebranding previous services, I will host a multitude of new services, including tracking EMC economic statistics (probably with the cooperation of admins), different types of bond accounts, general savings accounts, loans, investments, commodity investment in things such as diamonds, mass-scale advertising and financial news.

    The PSX will take the form of a massive stonebrick dome on my newly reset residence. I have high hopes for it ^_^
  8. Just to say banks are NOT allowed on emc

    And also if you need a hand this project sounds interesting
  9. According to what?
  10. Where does it say this?
  11. Im not sure where, but i got closed down for doing it. The reasons were because there were too many opportunities for scams
  12. Well, I've never scammed anyone and have no plans to do so, which should convince any mods who oppose this operation to a full extent.

    And Louis, if you would like to help, I'm in need of a bulk supply of Stone Bricks. How many could I get for 5k?
  13. Ah, right, I'll just have to talk to the mods.
  14. The link I provided was by a totally innocent player, the same as you, the same as me. The rules are the rules. Good player or bad. Sucks :(

    Stone bricks. 5k is around 150 stacks. I can do that if u need?
  15. Okay, can we perhaps broker a deal that would mean I get a refund on unused bricks?
  16. What are you building next on your res
  17. A big money dome
  18. Sale or return sounds fine to me, I can sell in my shop whatever you bring back