10159 is now opened!

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  1. Heya all,

    After some ''hard'' work, smp5 enchanted book store opened!

    Currently selling most books, and some other pickaxes (I will add in some more tool and book in when I have the time).

    "Great!'' I know that's what everyone is thinking right now!

    Here are some pictures of the store.

    2013-09-20_14.37.14.png 2013-09-20_14.39.23.png 2013-09-20_14.39.32.png 2013-09-20_14.39.48.png

    Thankies :D
  2. Second,

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  3. Third, looks great
  4. C c c c c c ccccombo Breakerrr lol
  5. Forth, looks amazing!
  6. Nice looking store, bang tidy lookin.
  7. feel free to buy something :p
  8. I like the building, it looks amurzing
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