100x100 quarry to bedrock, need helpers

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  1. We are building a 100x100 quarry to bedrock on smp1 and we need some more people to help.
    here are the coords: -221,711 It's just south of the spawn on the live map, we are in the desert
  2. i will be out there when i can get on.
  3. Ok thanks
  4. do we keep what we get there
  5. Yes.
  6. ok when i have some time i will come over and help
  7. Am going to set up a small tree farm in one of the corners.
  8. ok
  9. Ok I am now back on, and we need some more helpers :)
  10. Servers full.
  11. Remember to ensure the quarry is fenced off with warning signs placed to indicate the danger of death-by-falling. :)
  12. Digged about 60 Stacks of Sand...
  13. theres nothing worse than falling down a giant hole with full diamond armor >.>
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  14. Some progress pictures:












  15. Thanks for helping, was it you who started to dig a 20x20 bedrock in one corner? Because I finished it
  16. no, I digged only what you see on the pictures
  17. Ok thanks, what are those white specks?
  18. i dug the hole to bedrock hope that was ok
  19. you mean the torches?