100th Day Q's with possible Answers

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  1. Wooh it's my 100th day!
    Go ahead and ask away.

    I would have had prizes but I am saving up for a future Gameshow.
    So if your really hurt that there's no prizes or rupees to be found here
    then you can ask for a free firework made by me sometime.
    Password for your free firework redemption is, Highway Star (only pm it to me in game)
    Wither skulls and diamonds not included in this offer, supply your own if wanted.
  2. Lies?
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  3. Do you really do origami?
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  4. I sure do. :D
  5. Are you really Joe?
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  6. Yes i'm Really Joe
  7. Yes, Lies! :D
  8. aww, kitty ;)
    i love kitties. well joe my question is, is you power level really OVER 9000!!!!!?:eek:
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  9. Have you made an origami Joe? :p
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  10. Look at the scouter it should read Over 9000!
  11. Have not yet, but in the works (little work as of now) of the OrigamiJoe anime or videogame.
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  12. What anime is your skin from? :p
    Oh you like kittehs? Found this on imgur.
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  13. Shinobu Oshino from Bakemonogatari
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  14. Is it reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy your 100th day? :p
    Wuts your favorite color?
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  15. Happy 100th day Joe! Congrats! I can also say that I've known you for 100 days now xD
    Hmm questions... But do you REALLY want a question? Lies..
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  16. Would you marry me if your life depended on it?

    Follow-up question if the answer is yes:

    Would you be ok being the "girl"? (Stay at home with the kids, clean, cook, rub my feet, generic stay at home mom type things... Nothing above g rated:p)
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  17. Yep :D fav. color is White w/ (any other color). whit w/ blue at the top of the list
  18. Yay 100 days of knowing Roo :D
    sure if thats your question lol :p
  19. Well if my life depended on it, sure why not.
    follow up, sure i'll be the girl, don't mind the cleanings- but no foot rubs :p
  20. if you had to choose any res on emc besides /shop, what res would you take?