100th Day Partayyy

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  1. I am nearing my 100th day, and I figured,"Why not have a giveaway!" Giveaways that depend on luck usually seem to make people disappointed, so this giveaway is based upon your skill on finding hidden chests! On Tuesday, April 29th at 18910 I will let everyone search through my house for chests filled with free items. Following the giveaway there will be a drop party at 18910 and mini firefloor and 18911. A Dragon Stone will be included in the giveaway and possible a promo or two(If I get donations). Be there no later than 8 o' clock eastern time! Enjoy! http://itsalmo.st/#100thdayparty (Thanks daveiscool321)
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  2. Woah......that would be fun and I will try to make it ..
  3. I just wanted to do something other than an average drop party(Not that they aren't awesome as well :D)
  4. I hope I can come... (GMT + 2 I think)
  5. Bump!
    (If you are supposed to do that to giveaway threads)
    Who knows...I have never made a thread before :D
  6. Here are some items being given away: Dragon Stone, 2 Beacons, Horse Armor, Magical Eggcellant Wand, IceCreamCow Flesh, some horse eggs(Not promos), Renamed Scavenger Cookies(Cash them in for 1000r), and much more! I know most people would have more promos and valuable items, and I have been stocking up for this for quite a while so I hope everyone is happy. My goal is to get a full server and any donations would be greatly appreciated so that everyone can have a great time. Thanks :D
  7. Wait...is it am in eastern time or pm?
  8. 8:00 EST PM right? that is quite late you know.
  9. Stay up late to party you know :D
  10. We didnt quite get a full server, but I believe everyone that came had fun and thats all that all that matters :D
    Thanks to everyone who came, and I apologize if the time was inconvenient