[100k Reward] Please help! Imgur issue

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by PenguinDJ, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Hello. It's me again. And I have a problem. A while ago, on May 9, 2013, Chascarillo made me an avatar. He posted it here:


    And on my profile through this imgur link: http://imgur.com/6YfwJTJ

    However, I changed my avatar for a while, and when I went back to it, Imgur says the image was deleted. I don't think it was...
    I have put a 100k bounty on this photo. The person who recovers it will get 100k and my eternal gratitude!

    This picture is extremely important. Please recover it if you can. I don't have much hope, but there's some. If it can't be done, please let me know.

  2. what did the picture look like?

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  3. It was a Penguin DJ - A penguin with a pair of green headphones with a record player.
  4. Was the avatar posted on your imgur or Chasca's?
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  5. Unfortunately it was Chasca's
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  6. Chasca could have possibly removed it or maybe even closed his account which would cause the image to go. I don't think you'll be able to find it again on the internet unless it was copied and pasted somewhere, or saved onto somebody's machine. For all you know, Chasca may still have it somewhere, I recommend asking him anyways! I had a quick look around but I've had no luck. I'll tell you if I see it around though!
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  7. When I go to Avatar settings it allows me to load one from my hard drive, but not from a URL. Unless I'm missing something, the file is still on your PC.
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  8. I would help if I could, but yet I have next to 0 experience creating skins. Sorry.
  9. The odds anybody has actually downloaded/saved the image onto their computer?..
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  10. Couldn't find the original but here's a similar one from what I remember, I also like this one personally
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  11. I remember what it looked like, and I am still trying to find it. :)
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  12. I have spent 30+ mins trying to find it. I guess it's gone :(
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  13. Well, all it takes is dedication. And finding web.archive.org.

    However, it is small. If anyone can recover the original image, I will still pay them 100k!
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  14. He made my profile pic :p

    GL on finding yours. Im gonna go back up mine now in case....
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  15. what?! I used that website like 235,124 times and I couldn't get it
    and I can't find the original
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  16. It feels a little blurry but it's a larger image than the one you posted earlier. It looks perfect in the small box by posts too, but I'm not sure if it looks exactly like this, seems slightly blurry to me:
  17. I resized the one you posted just now, but unfortunately.. Its just blurry since it was taken right off the profile picture thumbnail...

    But it should look better as a Profile Picture once again either way.. (Hopefully)
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  18. I picked a random thread that I posted on from 2013 and searched the archive for that. I just snipped it there.

    But it's probably on my old computer... I swear I checked though.
  19. Well I hope that in the end you find it and everything turns out all right!