100k in 25min.

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  1. Thx Todd Vinton.

    How many rupee's do ya'll have and how many have you gotten in one day?
  2. Rupees:
    The most I've done in one day.. From what I saw in my history around 300k.

    I searched and this was the most. I know it was two days but meh.

    EDIT: WOOOT! Just reached 2,000 posts!
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  3. how in the world can you manage that:eek:
  4. Well.. im on my phone but heres a screenshot
    Most ive gotten in one day was around 200k ish
  5. whys the website blue? and like 60k :p lol I'm low on money right now and I made 30k in one day selling horses when they first came out and 30k selling stuff to malls one day and so on I think I've made more but cant remember how xD
  6. congrads on 2000:)

    EDIT: WOOOT! Just reached 2,000 posts![/quote]
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  7. Cause I like the color bluee C: you can change the color of emc on the bottom right of the web page :p
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  8. On the bottom of the page you can change the color.
    Kick the 'Dark - Orange' by default settings for changing.
    [ EDIT ] aaaand ninja'd
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  9. 2013-12-18_17.24.31.png
    Ha. Beat you :3
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  10. :C but im only 60somthing days old :eek:
    Edit: ha :3
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  11. why didnt I know this :eek: so cool :) thanks
  12. I once got 3x 150k payments (happy hour on Dragon Eggs) after that i sold 2 more eggs for 470k for both, and a little later i sold 7 DC of glowstone, which makes 1,4million rupees in a like 3 hours. I could find a rupee page prove, but i got around 10000 pages so yeah, that'd take long :S
  13. ive never had more then 50k at any given time :(
  14. Uh, Is that all from selling cane....? :p
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  15. How do you guys make so much money... Got 373r :p Spent 100k on Budder and Diamonds :D
  16. the most I've ever had was 339k
    Right now I'm sitting at 317k because I'm building some nice farms in the frontier :3
    The most I've ever earned in a day was about 100k from iron sales alone, of which I split 50/50 with BrenJone since he is my only partner in LB Ind.
  17. Most I have ever had was about 250-260k, Most I made in a day... probably around 80k.
  18. Well, I don't rupees in "day" amounts.
    I may focus on making money for 30 minutes, make 100k, then just not do anything more monetary-wise for the rest of the week. I usually don't go very high rupee count since... I'm kind of an impulsive buyer... I usually end up selling thing later, which then tends to turn a profit :p
    To answer the question, most in a single day would be 300k (a couple MASSIVE sales) and my max money had at once might be 400k, I'm not too sure...
  19. Nah lol cane is only a small fraction of my money
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  20. most i have ever had was 140k and i think i got about 50k in a day once.