1004 Enchanting Store Orders

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  1. Hey i m coffee_bullet and m setting up and enchanting store Business @ 1004 on smp1
    I m taking orders from every type of tool or armour.
    all items will be diamond and unused
    What u have to say.

    Item (pick etc.)
    Enchants: (Fortune III etc.)

    Plz do not cancel offers
    Only 1 item can be made @ a time

    I will say the price of the item when u order ( changing prices can be made)
    If i got busy on orders i will say so and if u order it may take a while when i say it

    thx and happy ordering

  2. Seen Before...
    Where is it? hmmm
    Oh wait?

    Good Luck.
  3. I've true this before buddy. I posted first but apparently IIIII was copying. :mad:

    Just don't even try.
  4. well what the hell m i going to do with over 50 enchanted items !!!!!!
  5. I will buy them tonight
  6. order what u want
    like this post is exposed to be for
  7. Namete enchants and I will buy them. Low prices please.
  8. u name what u want i have for nearly all types of picks if that helps
  9. This thread has just like.. blown my brain. What are you all on about? D:
  10. item: pickaxe
    enchant: silk touch (high as possible)
  11. Hi I want 6 x pickaxe with Unbreaking III and Efficiency IV please let me know price before i confirm order use Private msg for this pls.
  12. Price: 7k (if not happy u can pm to make to lower)

    Price: Unbreaking III Efficiency IV= 2.2k x 6 = 13.2k (if not happy we can make the price lower)

    Both orders are done as i had already had them
    however i have to go to school now, i m really sorry, i will have them ready to pick up when i get back as i have the items
  13. I need 4 unbr/eff picks
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  14. i will work on that as silken got most of them
    do u want unbreaking III and efficency IV?
    price: unbreaking III efficiency IV=2.2kx4= 8.8k
  15. item: pickaxe
    enchant: Fortune (high as possible)