1001st Post AMA

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  1. So, this is my 1,001st post. I'm obligated to make it an AMA.
    Fire away.

    Expected FAQs:
    Q: Would you rather fight fifty duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?
    A: Horse-sized duck. Bring it on.
  2. Q. When was the last time you used a lava bucket?
  3. Where did you get your username from?
  4. Why are you compelled to use large words
  5. A while back. On EMC... I think I may have used one while building the outpost for the now defunct LSCC.

    There's a character in WarioWare Inc. called 9-Volt. In 9-Volt's games, there are 2 recurring characters; his older brother, 18-Volt, and a character called 36-Volt Man. I continue the pattern, as 72Volt.
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  6. What's so great about economics? No, really, I want to know.
  7. I make use of my lexicon in order to convey my ideas in an ever more concise way.
  8. Well, the main original motivation for me to study economics was because it helps me in multiplayer games like Minecraft.
    In the past, I've engineered many systems in Minecraft and Terraria. In Terraria, some of you may know I was an operator on a Terraria server due to my hard work with the community. Under the persona of 'ScoMo' (a contraction of my first and last IRL name) I invented a ScoMonian Tunnel System as a quick and easy serverwide infrastructural solution, and I placed entire towns called ScoMonian Tunnel Links around these. As the systems grew, I was awarded Operator status by the server admin. I then engineered a Capital for the city. Originally, the first iteration of the capital was a small floating island above spawn which acted as my office. As the servers reset, each reiteration of the capital grew, from the original office, to a big floating island with a palace on it for me, Praeceptor ScoMo of ScoMonia, and then a HUGE floating island, stretching across half the map and containing an entire city.
    After a while, my internet went out because I was moving house. I engineered even more ScoMonian Projects, including a banking system, a school system, and a military system, writing my ideas in a Word document. But when my internet came back on, the server was gone. But it was one of the most successful community ecosystem I ever devised.

    The main reason I got into economics was because it helps me make better community ecosystems which almost mirror the real world and its greatest efficiencies in the best possible way. In my upcoming project, I plan to create the first ever sovereign state in Empire Minecraft, in SMP9's Wild. With the help of study in economics, I have devised a central banking system for it, meaning I can actually engineer the first player-made currency. I've also devised an entire government system for it, a constitution, and many other things.

    Even though economics helps in Minecraft, I've found it to be a really intriguing subject outside of Minecraft. You should study it, I think you'll like the element of research into the most efficient ways to allocate resources :D
  9. Du yu liek cabbage?
  10. Not particularly.
  11. Nuuuu y u nu like cabbage.
    I nu liek yu aneymere :(