1000r Giveaway.

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  1. I will give 1000r to anyone who can answer the following riddle. There is a bird in a glass orb. How do you get the bird out without damaging the bird or the glass orb?
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  2. Kill them both
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  3. move the orb
  4. You can't damage the orb or bird. Also you can't kill glass.
  5. The sphere is solid moving it won't help.
  6. U said without damaging the glass, not the glass orb. Cut the glass orb in half. :p
  7. Use a stick and eggify the bird?
  8. Open the door or window
  9. No. This is about real life not MC.
  10. There is no door or window...
  11. the bird is not in the orb, you are simply seeing the bird through the orbs glass?
  12. Your getting close to the right answer but that is not it.
  13. Try not to over think this.
  14. If the orb is a hollow 3D sphere, then perhaps in a higher dimension is not a n-D Spehere, but it's open, you can get the bird out by moving it outside the 3d sphere in a higher dimension.

    But this won't work if the riddle is restricted to 3 dimensions or if the sphere is a sphere in all dimensions.
  15. teleportation!!!
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  16. Carrying the orb, walk go out the front door?
  17. oh it is not a sphear its a himisphar
  18. Nice answer but wrong. Like I stated before try not to over think it.