1000r for a Winning Idea

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  1. Hello! Moyaboya here, and since I've reset my res, I've been searching for ideas.
    A few good ones have come to mind, such as, huge cake factory, huge farm, or some dystopian floating island, but I'm not sure which.
    So, I ask you fellow Minecraftians to tell me which one you like best OR present your own ideas! (nothing like "oooh do a statue of me dewwdd")
    The idea that I want to build will get 1000r and get to watch it be built on my res.
    Good Luck :D
  2. (PS No 100% guarantee of a winner)
  3. I think that you should build a giant house made out of cake
    Then, you should put cake themed items in it
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  4. A Nether Realm! Or "Aether".
  5. A mini-city?
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  6. Also, with a cake factory underground to supply the cakes for the cake house
  7. And then sell the cakes that aren't used to build the house
  8. One solid piece of dirt, all the way up to max build height:p
  9. you should build the floating island "slowboat"

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  10. An ice factory made of ice with an ice shop and coolers.
  11. A 3x3 dirt house. I'm sorry, but someone had to :)
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  12. An exact replica of your IRL house.
  13. If you live in an ice biome: Have a floating chunk of ice, with water pouring down from it. The water then goes into a frozen-top river. After a little while later, the water under the river spills down a second fall, into the dark depths of your residence into whats like those smooth-stone lined cavern shafts people encounter in the wild. Part of that shaft could be made into glass for a wall of a very nice lounge!

    If you don't: You could make a desert replica. There could be a sandstone village with a few npc's to fit with certain buildings. Desert wells and a temple. Or a jungle replication. And at the center of your residence there could be a jungle temple.
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  14. ^These are interesting! Hmm
    Hmm This seems good but I'll need more time to decide.

    WISH I was in an ice biome :mad:

    I remember making your skin :p
  15. *snifff* *sniff* you didnt reply to mine.
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  16. He didn't reply to mine either
  17. I sorry, i didnt reply to all of them but yours is nice but i dont think its extravagant enough
  18. What about mine? *puppy eyes* Lol:p
  19. And mine