1000 heads of prettiness.

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Is it pretty?

It is very pretty. 6 vote(s) 33.3%
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PRETTINESS OVERLOAD!!! 16 vote(s) 88.9%
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  1. After many suicides and jars of mayonnaise, I can proudly say that I own 1000 of my own head :]
    There is too much prettiness to take a picture of, even for quake pro FOV.

    Note that this is only 1/4 of what I will need to complete the melon pyramid(3600 total).
    This lovely build is displayed at residence 2223 on smp1. Make sure that you are using a 1.7.9 client to have the full pretty experience.

    Total headcount: >1727
  2. Why so serious?
  3. He is jeff the killer. He is not the joker.
  4. They're all the same these days.
  5. Aw, gee, and right as I was about to turn off the light for bed...
  6. so pretty let me touchy =D
  7. I thought he was Chef the griller, the terror of the kitchens :eek:
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    So preeeeety... :D
  9. a melon pyramid covered in your head. so nick.
  10. I weep for those who must see such beauty.
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  11. How come all the heads I own all look like steve heads.
  12. You might be using 1.7.2, which makes heads look and be named regular steve heads. If you use 1.7.9, it will work, except for when you wear the head.
  13. I'm in 1.7.4
  14. steve is not a really nice skin i dont know how i used to put up with it
  15. Then you will need to be 1.7.9 to experience the full prettiness of heads.
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  16. melons and heads are a really good mix of pretty
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  17. that's why you're having that problem. upgrade your client to 1.7.9 and heads will work.
  18. Update!
    The 2nd side of the pyramid is complete!

    More than half way done!
    I am also accepting head donations of other players to put on display on one of the sides of the pyramid.
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  19. One might say you are...full of yourself? Hehe just a little joke. Anyway that is a ton of heads, nice work. :D