1 Year Old Ask Me Anything

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by coffee_bullet, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. So today 1 year anniversary so ask me anything
  2. only one question per post btw
  3. how old are you? ;)
  4. How ruined do you think the economy is going to be after Aikar is done?
  5. Why have you been on EMC so long?
  6. Why don't you have an avatar pic?
  7. What led you to join EMC?
  8. Do you like coffee?
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  9. Do you like bullet?
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  10. How'd you find EMC?
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  11. Do you say Tomato or Tomato?
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  12. some people say i m 90 others say i m 2 however u shall never know
  13. diamonds will be 1r
    dirt will be 1000r
  14. lol other have been on for 450 days plus
  15. i do my skin is black
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  16. hell your
    mainly ice coffee but coffee is still pretty good
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  17. friends started playing it
  18. tom-at-0
  19. anyomore questions ????
  20. Well, it's on your profile page ;)
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