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    Yes, today is my 365th day on EMC and what a journey it was.

    I remember the first day I joined ... I was a noob. I entered the server and what did I see, a tutorial. I usually hate servers with a tutorial I don’t know why but I just do. For some strange reason I stuck around and did it. Me being a noob I guessed my way through it the pain, the frustration and going back and forth getting some of the question wrong. As I completed the tutorial, I then walked up to the surface and my mind was blown. I said to myself this it is best minecraft server EVER! I saw all the fantastic creations that everyone had built. As I explored the streets I was slowly getting tired I had no idea as to what I was doing.

    I woke up the next day and the first thing I did was, I hoped onto the site. Created my account and read the Empire guide. Everything made sense to me now. I entered Empire minecraft typed /v open and landed on res 2132. I claimed it and wrote “who sells saplings” I was frustrated, know one replied, what did I do next I used caps. I brought a whole stack of saplings and went mad crazy on my res planting ever single saplings.

    I made my profit by buying from one owner and reselling them at a higher price at my res. It worked out perfectly; I was earning thousands of rupees. Until the shop owners found out and banned me from his res :(. I guess I deserved it.

    And till know, a well known member amongst the empire minecraft who just recently spent one year one EMC. Did I think I would make it this far, probably not. I have made dozens of friends here at EMC. Some of them who stuck by me from day one were: 18334, Mrsmiley99 and Munkymaniac3. Thank you to everyone who make EMC to best server: Justin, Jeremy, the staff and most importantly you, the members of EMC, without you this wouldn't have been possible.

    With that said I would like to turn this thread into a ask me anything, so ask me anything, well almost anything ;).
  2. Where did u get your name from
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  3. One year? PHEW. 12 days ahead of me. Why did you stick around?
  4. This is and still is my nickname at high school some kids though that I was the guy from the movie Slumdog millionaire. My friends then got me so addicted to Minecraft and I asked him to buy me an account, but the name SlumDog was taken, so he then added Z to the front and that's my story.
  5. There's only one reason EMC is the best server and I am soooo addicted to it.
  6. Congratulations on 1 year on the server. Your 49 days older than me...not sure how to respond to my own statement
  7. Congrats.....I remember when I turned 365 days old....ahhh, thos were the good days.
    Now I am 400+ days.
  8. Yes congratz to you Hash what an achievement.
  9. Congrats my friend for one year on this very site/server I hope you stay for many more :D
  10. I will stay on EMC as long as possible.
  11. Good :D :D :D :D :D