1 Year at EMC [Prizes and Fun]

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  1. Congratulations to Gamer7112 for winning the grand prize box!!!!!

    Yankees518 won a consolation box! YAY!
    Still awaiting the other three box winners to come forward!
    My 356th day on the Empire is fast approaching. And I have been pondering what i should do for that day. Finally I've decided! I'm Going to have a little Treasure Hunt on Sunday the 7th of October at Noon Pacific Time. There will be 5 hidden boxes: 1 Grand Prize, 3 Consolation Prizes, and a Booby Prize.
    The Grand Prize is 10,000 Rupees and the contents of this chest:

    How the Hunt will work:

    • At Noon on the day, I will update this post with the coordinates to the area of the 5 Boxes.
    • Once you find a box, start heading home. You can only win one box prize. Send me a PM here on the forums telling me which box you found so we can figure out delivery.
    • Be careful with the contents of the boxes, as putting them into the /vault will wipe them, and that prize will be gone for good.
    • If it goes on for long enough without anyone finding the boxes i will start posting pictures of their locations until they are found.
    • The Hunt will take place on SMP1.
    I'm also holding a Raffle until then. Anyone who posts in the thread will be entered to win their choice of one of these 10 prizes:

    Diamond Sword - Knockback II
    Diamond Sword - Smite IV
    Diamond Pickaxe - Efficiency IV
    Bow - Power IV
    Diamond Sword - Knockback II Bane of Arthropods IV
    Diamond Sword - Knockback II Smite IV==kman122000
    Diamond Sword - Knockback II Sharpness III==sqiggleyjeff
    Diamond Sword - Sharpness III FireAspect I==marknaaijer
    Diamond Pickaxe - Efficiency II Unbreaking II Silktouch
    2,000 Rupees==yankees

    The Raffle drawing will take place 20 minutes before the Treasure Hunt starts.
  2. reserved for raffle entrees.
    1. shanas1=-=-winner!-=-=
    2. marknaaijer=-=-winner!-=-=
    3. Chascarrillo=-=-winner!-=-=
    4. AlexHallon=-=-winner!-=-=
    5. hayjam
    6. _Stads_
    7. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx=-=-winner!-=-=
    8. Nole972
    9. Qwerty189
    10. yankees518=-=-winner!-=-=
    11. TheEpic5
    12. BeKaLuSa
    13. Terr
    14. Kman122000=-=-winner!-=-=
    15. COUNTtheLLAMAz=-=-winner!-=-=
    16. sqiggleyjeff=-=-winner!-=-=
    17. penfoldex=-=-winner!-=-=
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  3. Can't wait good luck guys!
  4. Awesome! I will be there, I'm sure!
  5. That's not a year :p
    Oh well, congratulations! I will try to be there!
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  6. thats the point XD
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  7. I will be there!
    Can I have a number?
  8. bump for timezones before bed
  9. If that's what you're asking, I'm CET, GMT+1.
  10. Sounds like tons of fun!
  11. Raffle please? Awesome!
  12. good afternoon(for me) everyone!
  13. give me a number or minimoose will hunt you down.
  14. Seems awesome!
    2k raffle please!
    What's the booby prize?
  15. I <3 raffle. Enter me.
  16. the booby prize is 2 diamonds lol, its also the easiest of the boxes to find XD
  17. Raffle please
  18. Holy bakery Import!!!! That grand prize is AMAZING!!! U DA BEST!
  19. I could do with that for the EMC Record Book :D
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